Carolyn Seymour, about to begin her on-camera interview with Andy Priestner The crew prepares for Lucy Fleming's on-camera interview The crew set up for Tanya Ronder's on-camera interview
Tanya Ronder, Carolyn Seymour and Pennant Roberts at the studio The three series ones leads wait their turn to go on-camera Lucy Fleming and Ian McCulloch await the press
Pennant Roberts during the press interviews Pennant Roberts and Carolyn Seymour begin their press interviews Pennant Roberts and Carolyn Seymour pose for press shots
The cast assemble with interviewer Andy Priestner at the beginning of the studio day Lucy Fleming and Ian McCulloch pose for press shots The five Survivors cast and crew members during the (unused) group interview - the final part of the day

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Cover of the series one Survivors DVD set

Survivors series one DVD studio day

On 5 June 2003, first series cast members Carolyn Seymour, Ian McCulloch, Lucy Fleming and Tanya Ronder, and first series director Pennant Roberts, were reunited to record a series of special features for the Survivors series one DVD release at The Sound Company Studios in central London.

A brief illustrated report on the studio day appears in the full-colour booklet accompanying the DVD release, and a longer account features in the fan guide to the release Grab your shotgun, parka and your DVD remote compiled by Adrian Hulme.



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