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The Fourth Horseman

Where are we?: Jenny finds Andrew at the struggling London hospital and learns from him the true nature of the deadly pandemic.

Director Pennant Roberts was able to recruit a large number of extras to populate the busy hospital scenes, and a sizeable number of them form an orderly queue of patients waiting to receive the (wholly useless) 'vaccination'. However, the very important exchanges between Jenny and Andrew do take some time...

What is the goof?: The queuing extras have (quite sensibly) been told by the director to 'go round again' for a second time if everyone is processed before the scene ends, but to make whatever quick and easy efforts they can to change their appearance to disguise the fact.

Several of the extras can be spotted 'double-dosing' on the vaccine, including the two pictured here: first time, vaccinated with coat and jacket off; second time, moments later, with coat and jacket on.

A double dose of vaccine

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