Celebration of Big Finish’s Survivors audios in new Divergent Wordsmiths eBook

A NEW eBOOK published today by the Divergent Wordsmiths team, celebrating twenty years of creative audio work by Big Finish, includes a chapter on the company’s acclaimed nine series of original Survivors adventures.

Written by Rich Cross, the editor of the Survivors: A World Away site, the short chapter recounts the development, release and reception of the 36 new Survivors audio dramas released between 2013 and 2019.

Other chapters in the book focus on Big Finish’s Torchwood, Doctor Who and other related releases.

The Meaning of Big Finish, edited by Alan Camlann is completely free to download from the Divergent Wordsmiths site.

Alan Camlann (ed). 2019. The Meaning of Big Finish. Divergent Wordsmiths.

Divergent Wordsmiths - The Meaning of Big Finish - front cover
Divergent Wordsmiths - The Meaning of Big Finish - Table of Contents
Divergent Wordsmiths - The Meaning of Big Finish - extract from Survivors chapter

Cultbox publishes review of ninth series of Big Finish’s Survivors audios

Review of Survivors series nine audios published on the Cultbox site

MY REVIEW OF the ninth and final series of the current run of Big Finish’s original full-cast Survivors audios has now been published on the Cultbox site.

The review concludes:

There’s still great potential here, as the UK begins to emerge from the dark ages of The Death, for more stories set in this uniquely realised dystopia, should sufficient numbers of those who have yet to purchase copies of this extraordinary audio series belatedly recognise the error of their ways. If that doesn’t happen, this will remain a stunning finale for what must be celebrated as a consistently compelling audio drama.

Rich Cross. 2019. ‘Survivors series nine review’, Cultbox, 12 July, https://cultbox.co.uk/reviews/survivors-series-9-review.

Each episode of series nine of Big Finish’s Survivors audios reviewed

Big Finish - Survivors - series nine - cover

REVIEWS OF EACH of the four episodes of the final series of Big Finish’s full-cast Survivors audios have now been published on the S:AWA Big Finish mini-site.

The Farm (Jane Slavin)
Living under the rule of the Protectorate can be hard, even more so when your true purpose is hidden from you…

Hearts and Mines (Christopher Hatherall)
If the Federation can pull off an audacious sabotage mission, the Protectorate will suffer a major setback…

Fade Out (Roland Moore)
A Protectorate attack on a Federation group holed up in an abandoned cinema will have devastating consequences…

Conflict (Andrew Smith)
The showdown between the Protectorate and the Federation will settle the future direction of a country emerging from the shadow of the apocalypse…

Big Finish - Survivors - S9 - Ep 1 - recording

Survivors series nine audios released – discount offers on earlier series available until end of the month

THE NINTH AND concluding series of full-cast original Survivors audios has been released by Big Finish today.

The fourth episode final series is available to buy (in both CD and download formats) from the Big Finish website.

To celebrate the nine series’ achievement, Big Finish are offering discounts on several of the earlier series – with series one available from £8.99 (download) and £9.99 (CD); series two to six available for £12.49 (download) and £14.99 (CD); and the Survivors audiobook (voiced by Carolyn Seymour) available for £7.99 (download) and £9.99 (CD).

These offers are in place until 23:59 (UK time) on 1 July 2019. To take advantage of these discounts, visit the Survivors – The End? discount page on the Big Finish site and enter the code JENNY.

Big Finish - Survivors - series nine - cover

Survivors series nine audios released tomorrow – preview the first fifteen minutes today

THE NINTH AND final series of the current run of full-cast Survivors audio dramas will be released by Big Finish tomorrow (25 June 2019).

The four episodes of series nine are available to pre-order in both download and CD formats, direct from the Big Finish web site.

The first fifteen minutes of opening episode “The Farm” (written by Jane Slavin) are included as a free “drama tease” preview in the latest episode of the Big Finish podcast (23 June 2019).

Reviews of each of the episode will be published on this site in the next couple of weeks, and the author of this site will publish a review of the series on the Cultbox site shortly.

Big Finish - Survivors - series nine - one day to go
One day to go… (published 24 June 2019)
Big Finish - Survivors - series nine - two days to go
Two days to go… (published 23 June 2019)
Big Finish - Survivors - series nine - three days to go
Three days to go… (published 22 June 2019)

Survivors series one audios in Big Finish Bookclub

IN THE LATEST issue of Big Finish’s free-to-download full-colour magazine Vortex, the Bookclub feature turns the clock back to June 2014 and revisits the release of the first series boxset of original Survivors audios.

As a selected Bookclub title, the first four episodes of Survivors are currently (June 2019) on offer to purchase as a digital download for the reduced price of £9.99. Follow the link in Vortex to take advantage of the offer, and head over to The Big Finish Bookclub group on Facebook to join the discussion.

Big Finish. 2019. ‘Big Finish Bookclub: Survivors Series 1′, Vortex, Issue 124, June, p.27 https://www.bigfinish.com/vortex/v/124

Vortex 124 - Survivors series one Book Club retrospective
Vortex 124 – Survivors series one Book Club retrospective

The ninth and final series of Big Finish’s full-cast Survivors audios is released in June 2019 and is available to pre-order in both download and CD formats, direct from the Big Finish web site.

Series one to series eight of Survivors audios are still available for purchase from the Big Finish site, along with the audiobook version of Terry Nation’s 1976 Survivors novel, voiced by Carolyn Seymour.

First audio clip from Survivors series nine released

TODAY’S BIG FINISH podcast (19 May 2019) includes the first short clip from the nine and final series of original Survivors audios released next month by Big Finish.

Presenters Benji Clifford and Nick Briggs incorporate the brief extract in the round-up of upcoming releases (eighteen minutes into the podcast). The clip, which mixes the contents of two separate scenes, features the voices of characters Abby, Jenny, Ruth, Craig and Robert.

Introducing the extract, Briggs acknowledges that he has to fully complete the musical soundtrack he is scoring for the four episodes, although he insists that he is “not behind schedule” with the work.

Big Finish have yet to make an public announcement as to how the company might continue to produce Survivors material once series nine has been released. In the podcast, Briggs mentions in passing that “although it’s the end of the full-cast [Survivors] dramas for the moment, for the foreseeable future” that “there will be continuing audio books”.

If this is subsequently confirmed by an official statement it would mean that Big Finish are committing to releasing single-voice audio stories based in the Survivors world and narrated by actors from the series.

The ninth and final series of Big Finish’s full-cast Survivors audios is released in June 2019 and is available to pre-order in both download and CD formats, direct from the Big Finish web site.

Big Finish Survivors series nine preview in Vortex

THE LATEST ISSUE of Big Finish’s free magazine Vortex includes a preview of the upcoming ninth and final series of original Survivors audios.

In the fully-illustrated four-page feature, Survivors producer David Richardson explains:

We knew we were reaching an end point with the full-cast Survivors stories – we’ve run for nine box sets of 36 episodes (that’s just two short of the TV series), and the longevity of a series is only guaranteed by sales. There’s a law of diminishing returns with any audio series, and so we felt that by the ninth box set it would be best to conclude our ongoing storyline. It was great to have that notice, to be able to plan for a proper, final end. And I think the end is perfect – powerful, credible and with maybe a hint of a beginning too.

Big Finish. 2019. ‘World’s End’, Vortex, No 123, May, pp.10-13.

The ninth and final series of Big Finish’s Survivors audios is released in June 2019 and is available to pre-order in both download and CD formats, direct from the Big Finish web site.

Big Finish release cover and episode details for Survivors series nine audios

Big Finish - Survivors - series nine - cover

BIG FINISH HAVE revealed the cover and the episode catch-lines for the ninth and final release in the current series of original Survivors audio adventures due for release in June.

The striking cover features the characters of Abby Grant (Carolyn Seymour) and Jenny Richards (Lucy Fleming) pictured in the misty and atmospheric surroundings of a graveyard in the weak light of dawn or dusk: an image which presents the sharpest possible visual juxtaposition of the themes of death and of survival.

Big Finish’s Survivors producer David Richardson has again reemphasised that, while the release of the ninth instalment signals the end of the current incarnation of the series on audio, this will not mark the end of Big Finish’s involvement with the world of Survivors. No details are available yet as to what the future format of Big Finish’s Survivors audio adventures might be: more news on this as soon as we have it.

The newly-published series nine episode summaries reveal that the challenge posed by the mysterious force known as The Protectorate, and the villainy of Robert Malcolm, will be decisive to the storylines of the final four episodes. They also confirm that the fraught and pained relationship between Abby and her son Peter will continue to play out over these closing tales, as the showdown over the future direction of post-Death Britain reaches an historic moment of decision.

Survivors series nine finale

The story details and artwork can be revealed today for the final release in the current series of Survivors. Having survived the ‘Death’, Abby and Jenny must face the toughest choices yet for the future of the human race…

Terry Nation’s Survivors is drawing to a close with Series Nine and what an epic finale we’ve in store for you. Happily this isn’t the end of the audio adventures from the world of Survivors, but the current ongoing narrative will be wrapped up at the end of this series, due for release in June 2019.

The world has ended. The ‘Death’ pandemic crossed continents, sparing only a fraction of the global population. The survivors are now trying to pick up the pieces and rebuild society – to create a new future. But with no cities, no laws, no technology, everyone must start over. And the worst of human nature has survived along with the best…

9.1 – The Farm by Jane Slavin

After a short, sharp coup, power has shifted and a new order asserts control over the country. Meg Pritchard believes she is the leader who can draw together the threads of civilisation.

With the men sent to war, Jenny must help the women of ‘The Farm’ see the truth behind their new society…

9.2 – Hearts and Mines by Christopher Hatherall

The Protectorate now holds resources once shared by the Federation. Its enemies are branded terrorists, as they skirmish up and down the country.

Craig wants to strike a decisive blow, while Abby still hopes for reconciliation with her son. Ruth is caught between her friends: can she stop them both from making terrible mistakes?

9.3 – Fade Out by Roland Moore

Robert Malcolm is closing in on the ringleaders still struggling against the Protectorate. Peter Grant has reasons to make this fight personal.

But the fugitives, hiding in an abandoned cinema, find that people are tired of war. When the soldiers come to town, for some, this will be their last stand.

9.4 – Conflict by Andrew Smith

The Protectorate tightens its grip on the fragile infrastructure of a country in recovery. All stirrings of rebellion must be crushed.

But Jenny has a plan to unseat its leaders once and for all. And now she, Abby and Peter Grant are heading inexorably towards a final confrontation. 

Producer David Richardson told us about the mammoth achievement of continuing the epic television show across nine series on audio: “Working on Survivors has been one of the personal highlights of my 11 years of Big Finish. We’ve had the opportunity to make 36 brand new full-cast episodes that have been dark, richly dramatic and bold.

“But all good things must come to an end and this box set brings the current Survivors story arc to a conclusion – and what a finale it is. I think we have the perfect bookend to that very first TV episode, The Fourth Horseman, broadcast back in 1975.”

Survivors Series Nine will be released in June 2019, available on CD at £25 or £20 on download.

Or why not save money and pre-order Series Nine and get Survivors Series Eight in a bundle at £50 on CD or £40 on download

Big Finish. 2019. ‘Survivors series nine finale,’ Big Finish, 14 March. https://www.bigfinish.com/news/v/survivors-series-9-finale

Carolyn Seymour joins cast of Fourth Doctor audios

CAROLYN SEYMOUR FEATURES IN the cast of Big Finish’s newly released eighth series of Fourth Doctor Adventures starring Tom Baker.

Although Seymour’s work on the series of current Survivors audios comes to an end with the release of the ninth box set of stories in June 2019, she is continuing to take on new one-off and recurring roles in other audio dramas in the Big Finish universe.

In the Fourth Doctor audio “The Syndicate Master Plan”, available to buy now from the Big Finish site, Seymour voices two characters: The Commodore and Mrs Kidd. Amongst others joining Tom Baker in the ensemble cast are Jane Slavin, John Leeson, John Shrapnel and Jon Culshaw.