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Top: Ron berates the 'bad doggie'

Middle: The ascerbic Dr Richard Fenton

Bottom: Jim and Sanders detain Charles

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THIS EVENT HAS now taken place. Read the report of Mad Dog 2019

A fan visit to the Severn Valley Railway and Derbyshire filming locations of the classic third series Survivors episode Mad Dog will take place over the weekend of 4-5 May 2019.

The event will begin on Saturday 4 May, at Kidderminster train station. Travelling on the Severn Valley Railway, the trip will visit the Hampton Loade station (used to film the closing scenes of Mad Dog) and, as they are nearby, Highley station (a key location for the episode Bridgehead) and the bridge near the County Park Halt (used during the riverside scenes in Law of the Jungle).

On Saturday evening, participants will travel by road to stay overnight in Chesterfield.

The event will continue on Sunday 5 May, with a visit to Monsal Dale (meeting at Monsal Head), the most widely used location in Mad Dog, and will continue with a visit to the area above Ilam and the Dovedale gorge, when many other scenes were shot.

The event will conclude on Sunday afternoon, with those participants who wish to returning to Chesterfield.

Exact timings and arrangements for the trip will be confirmed in the coming weeks, with some aspects dependent on how many fans choose to join the trip.

To express your interest or to confirm your attendance, please email:

Mad Dog 2019

Things to note:

Taking part

  • The event is open to any fan of Survivors, with anyone welcome to join for one or both days of the event.
  • Because of the logistics involved in the two day trip, fans are asked to get in touch to confirm that they're coming for either or both days.
  • The deadline for doing so is the end of April, but it's a huge help to confirm as soon as possible, if you're able to do so, to help with planning the trip.
  • Due to the nature of the locations being visited, this particular trip is not suitable for children aged under 16, whether accompanied or not, nor dogs or other pets.
  • There is some path walking on the first day, and some hill and path walking on the second day, including a couple of short steep climbs. These will not pose a problem for anyone who is reasonably fit and mobile, but some locations might be very challenging for people with more limited mobility. Please get in touch if you have any concerns or questions about this.
  • All participants join the trip at their own risk


  • There's no charge for the event itself, but anyone coming will need to pay their own costs (travel, accommodation, food and drink, etc.,)


  • If you are planning to come to both days, you should plan to make your way to Kidderminster train station for late morning (precise time TBC) on Saturday 4 May.
  • If you are coming on public transport, the hope is to be able to provide you with space in one of the vehicles driving to Chesterfield at the end of the first day.
  • If you are driving to Kidderminster and have the space, you might be asked to volunteer to drive a fellow fan to Chesterfield - if you are joining the trip for day two.
  • On Sunday 5 May, you should plan to make your way to the main car park at Monsal Head (behind the Monsal Head Hotel) for mid-morning (precise time TBC).
  • If you are arriving in Chesterfield by public transport on the Sunday, the hope would be to be able to pick you up in one of the vehicles travelling from the overnight accommodation to Monsal Head.
  • Anyone relying on public transport for the trip home should be aware that we will not arrive back in Chesterfield until around 5-6pm, so homeward journeys (particularly longer journeys) should be researched well in advance.

Saturday evening in Chesterfield

  • Those staying in Chesterfield overnight on the Saturday will want to make their own accommodation arrangements, depending on budget and preference. The Premier Inn in Chesterfield city centre is one of many options.
  • Anyone who wants to will be welcome to join a pub or restaurant meal in the evening - details TBC.

Bank holiday

  • The day after the trip, Monday 6 May, is a Bank Holiday. As this will be a non-working day for some people, those with longer journeys home may want to consider staying in Chesterfield on the Sunday night and travelling home the next day (although public transport services will be running a reduced bank holiday timetable, of course.)

Things to bring

  • A digital camera, smartphone or recording device, to snap a record of each of the locations!
  • On both days, it makes good sense to carry sufficient drinks, snacks and food to keep you going throughout the main part of the day, as access to shops and restaurants will be limited.
  • For the second day, in the peak district, it is essential to have good, sturdy walking boots or shoes and wet weather gear - to handle the terrain and the unpredictable spring weather.
  • Mobile phones are, of course, a great help in organizing things on the day - although network coverage in the peak district can be patchy.


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13 January 2019