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Richard Fenton
Richard Fenton
Richard Fenton

What's this site about?

Mad Dog title screenThis site is dedicated to the study and appreciation of one of the most celebrated episodes of the 1970s post-apocalyptic BBC TV series 'Survivors' — the third series classic Mad Dog. The episode was seen by almost 7.5m viewers when it was broadcast on 6 April 1977. Though never repeated on the BBC, Mad Dog has been transmitted (as part of the full run of Survivors) five times on the cable-satellite channel UK Gold between 1993 and 1998. In 2005, the third series of Survivors was released on a four-disc DVD set.


The Making of Mad Dog

Front cover of 'As Dangerous Dead As Alive'Download As Dangerous Dead as Alive an exhaustive account of the making of Mad Dog, featuring new interviews with actors Denis Lill and Morris Perry, scriptwriter Don Shaw and director Tristan de Vere Cole.

Review a range of material on the production of the episode, including correspondence and interviews with actors and production staff; character studies and acting credits for the principal cast members, production credits and a range of reviews of the episode.


Filming locations

Thumbnail of a clickable Mad Dog locations mapView clickable maps of the three locations where Mad Dog was recorded — Ilam and Monsal Dale in Derbyshire, and the Severn Valley Railway. Alternatively, view of each of the locations scene-by-scene. Photographs of the filming locations in the present day are matched with screen shots from the episode itself. Details on 'unseen' and 'lost' locations are also provided.


Location 'walkthroughs' and organised visits

Thumbnail of a Mad Dog location walkthroughDownload illustrated 'walkthroughs' of all the Mad Dog filming locations — Ilam and Monsal Dale in Derbyshire, and the Severn Valley Railway (.pdf format, requires Abode Reader).

Find information on accommodation in the area and details on how to reach the separate locations.

Organised fan trips around the filming locations for Mad Dog have been held in 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2006, and 2007 and 2008. The most recent Mad Dog location trip took place on 4-5 May 2019 — see the illustrated report here.


Other TV connections

Title screen of The Incredible Robert BaldickThe locations in which Mad Dog was recorded also feature in two other TV productions from the 1970s. Discover the connections between Mad Dog and the 1972 Granada TV Country Matters drama 'The Watercress Girl' and between Mad Dog and the 1972 BBC2 Drama Playhouse series pilot 'The Incredible Robert Baldick' — scripted by Survivors creator Terry Nation.


Derbyshire’s ‘plague village’

Detail from the Eyam plague parish death registerLearn about the real-life history of the plague which devastated the Derbyshire village of Eyam in the seventeenth century. Study a 'clickable' map of the main 'plague' landmarks, read reviews of a fictional and factual history of the plague outbreak and access a feature on the 1973 BBC2 play 'The Roses of Eyam'.

Find out about the influence that the Eyam story exerted over Survivors scriptwriter Don Shaw's work on the series through an assessment of his script for Greater Love and a review of the series two episode.


Mad Dog available on Series 3 DVD: with commentary!

The front of the remastered BBC tape of Mad DogMad Dog is now available to buy on DVD, following the release of Survivors third series on a four-disc, twelve-episode DVD set (see link below, left), complete with an exclusive commentary track.

Read more about the recording of the Mad Dog audio commentary here; and of the presentation and subtitling of the episode here.


Site editor Rich Cross, can be contacted here.

Check out the site map, here.

Recent additions: Details of the appearance of Monsal Dale on BBC News and Channel 5 added to the News page


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19 June 2020

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