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The following letter, from Mad Dog actor and stunt co-ordinator Max Faulkner to Lynne Sweetman from October 1996 is reproduced here with thanks to them both and the Survivors Newsletter.

Max Faulkner
as Phil

Thank you for your letter. I'm so glad to hear that something in which I was involved is still giving you and your club pleasure after twenty years.

I must confess I had forgotten all about it until I received your inquiry. I played Phil, you say, well, I was really employed as stunt co-ordinator* and all [I] can remember about the episode is that a number of people had bad falls in riding sequences. The material you don't see on the screen is often more interesting than that which you do.

My best wishes to you and your fellow members.


Max Faulkner  

* Max Faulkner served in two capacities on the episode: acting in the part of Phil from whose home Charles steals the bicycle and working behind the scenes as stunt co-ordinator.


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