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The scene near the mouth of the train tunnel on top of Monsal Viaduct

"Might make a Canterbury Tales one day"
Fenton to Charles


Rescued from the dog attack by Fenton, Charles agrees to cook and share the rabbit the scent of which had attracted the dog pack in the first place. At Fenton's suggestion, they take shelter in a wooden hut on top of the viaduct and, hopefully, out of the reach of the dogs.

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The scene in December 2002

December 2002


Description: This shot of the top of the viaduct is taken from near the mouth of the railway tunnel, looking back towards it.

Where is it?: The viaduct top is accessible from the signed footpath leading down from Monsal Head, and also via a steep pathway from the valley floor. It can also be reached along the footpath adjacent to the barn in which Charles is discovered by the young girl.

Where's the best vantage point?: All of the sequences on the viaduct top are quickly identifiable, and the camera positions from the original shoot can easily be replicated. This shot is taken from close to the place where facing the other way the second dog pack attack is filmed.

What about access?: The viaduct is open to the public and there are no photographic restrictions. However, each of the possible routes to the viaduct top involves steep climbs, and the pathways need to be traversed with care.

Anything else?: As is clear from the above photo, nature has reclaimed much ground since 1977, and the area has become far more overgrown. The mouth of the tunnel has long been sealed, and the insides are not visible. The wooden hut in which Fenton and Charles shelter is no longer evident. Of all the locations in Monsal Dale, the top of the viaduct is the most popular with tourists for obvious reasons. The viaduct is at its emptiest during weekdays, in the early morning and early evening, and "out of season".  

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