The dogs attack from behind

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A second
group of dogs
from the rear,
out of the

A dog pack races out of the mouth of the tunnel

"Cannons to the front cannons behind!"
Fenton to Charles


After dining on roasted rabbit, Charles and Fenton are preparing to leave the shelter of the viaduct hut when dogs attack them from both front and back charging at them from inside the railway tunnel and, here, from inside the old railway tunnel.

The tunnel mouth
on Monsal

The scene in December 2002

December 2002


Description: In the years since 1977, the entrance to the old railway tunnel on Monsal viaduct has been sealed, and its amazing stalactites hidden from view. The entrance is now enclosed by a breeze-block wall and huge locked metal gates no doubt for reasons of public safety. The closure of the tunnel is a further indication of the 'development' of the area as an attraction since the episode was filmed.

Where is it?: The tunnel entrance is at the end of the viaduct nearest Monsal Head. The viaduct top is reachable from three directions: a steep, rocky path from the valley floor, along the pathway that forms the 'Monsal trail' from the far side of the valley; and from the footpath leading down from Monsal Head.

Where's the best vantage point?: It is straightforward to replicate the position of the camera crew and recreate the shot as it was filmed.

What about access?: The viaduct is open to the public and there are no photographic restrictions. Climbing down from Monsal head to the viaduct, and from the viaduct top to the valley floor, can be treacherous and particularly hard going when the weather is poor.

Anything else?: All of the sequences involving Charles' discussions with Fenton around the 'rabbit hut' and Charles' discovery of his possible rabies infection take place within the area around the tunnel mouth. There are small gaps in between the metal doors now covering the tunnel entrance, but even with the aid of torches it is not possible to illuminate the interior, or discern the state of the array of stalactites.  

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