New feature on Survivors in SciFiNow in March 2008

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Survivors feature in SciFiNow

A new four-page full-colour retrospective feature on Survivors has been published in the April 2008 edition of SciFiNow magazine, authored by S:AWA editor Rich Cross.

In issue 13, which went on sale on 20 March 2008, the 'Modern classic show' slot of the magazine focuses on Terry Nation's classic post-apocalyptic TV drama.

The richly-illustrated feature includes: reasons why the series should be considered a 'classic'; a guide to the 'best' and 'worst' five episodes of the series; and and a wide-ranging discussion of all three series of the programme.

Thumbnail images from the Survivors feature in Issue 13 of SciFiNow magazine

SciFiNow is available from all high-street newsagents, and has a cover price of 4.00.

The issue can also be purchased online through the SciFiNow website.


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