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Survivors Australian trailer

The entire run of Survivors was shown on Australian TV in the early 2000s on the digital UK-TV channel, which aims to showcase 'the best of British television to subscription television viewers.' UK-TV is part-owned by BBC Worldwide (who have a 20% share in the station) and is able to licence material from across the BBC archives. Survivors was broadcast in the late-night slot 'The Tube' designed to promote programmes that are 'a little wacky, a little rude, [and] a little crazy'. With its dark premise and strong genre credentials, Survivors was seen to fit in well alongside 'alternative' sitcoms like The Young Ones, cutting-edge 'stand-up comedy' Live at Jongleurs, and near-the-knuckle dramas and docu-soaps.

To promote the broadcast, the station designed (at least) one of its own Survivors trailers opting, in this case, to use a voice-over to accompany clips from 'The Chosen' (with dialogue) and 'A Friend in Need' (without). A transcript of the 25-second trailer (which reveals its somewhat unexpected Tube-friendly tone), together with some selected screenshots, is provided below...

Tube trailer

Voice over: From Terry Nation, creator of Dr Who...

Joy Dunn: Terminals, zombies, vagrants, drop-outs... whatever you call them.

Voice over: ...a post- apocalyptic nightmare.

Charles: They could die.

Carter: Better them than us.

Tube trailer
Tube trailer

Voice over: So why are they so happy?

Charles: (tasting wine) Oh, that's very good.

Joy Dunn: We're
pleased with it.

Voice over: An intriguing tale of existence. Discover the secrets of Survivors. Monday, Wednesday and Friday The Tube.

Tube trailer

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