Action TV: Survivors series one

By Rich Cross   Last updated on 26 December 2020, 12:18:24

Article goes behind-the-scenes to explore the making of Survivors' first series

 ISSUE 10 OF the specialist genre magazine Action TV includes a ten-page 11,000 word article by Rich Cross on the making of Survivors season one.

'Survivors: The Beginning of the End' provides a fully illustrated guide to the origination and development of the series; and to the making of the first thirteen episodes of the show.

Action TV can be purchased from specialist genre retailers, and at many branches of Forbidden Planet and Borders.

Alternatively, issue 10 of Action TV can be ordered by post.

The issue was published in early July 2004, and copies were available for purchase for £4.20 (£3.50 cover price, plus 70p p&p in the UK) from the Action TV website. This issue of Action TV has now sold out completely.

Issue 10 also includes features on The Champions, The Avengers, Danger Man and Minder.

'an incredibly well-informed, meticulous look at Survivors.'

From the review of Action TV 10, in SFX, No 123, November 2004

Illustrations: captions and credits

The captions and credits for the nine black-and-white photos which illustrate 'The Beginning of the End' are as follows:





Ian McCulloch (Greg) and Lucy Fleming (Jenny) on location at Hampton Court during the filming of the first season of Survivors



Carolyn Seymour (Abby) on location at Hampton Court, April 1975.

Hereford Times


Behind-the-scenes as cast and crew prepare to shoot a scene from 'Starvation' the seventh episode of series one.

Hereford Times


Ian McCulloch (Greg) and Lucy Fleming (Jenny) relax in the sunshine during the filming of the 'Something of Value' siege, June 1975.

Lucy Fleming


Annie Irving (right) (Ruth) on location during the filming of the first season finale 'A Beginning', June 1975.

Lucy Fleming


Ian McCulloch (Greg) poses for a photo between takes, during the filming of 'Something of Value', June 1975.

Lucy Fleming


A publicity still of Myra Frances (Anne Tranter, left), Terry Scully (Vic Thatcher, centre) and Ian McCulloch during the filming of the second episode 'Genesis', February 1975.



Talfryn Thomas (Tom) and John Hallet (Barney) in the grounds of Hampton Court, April 1975.

Hereford Times


Hana Maria Pravda (Emma Cohen) on location at Hampton Court, 1975.


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