Reviving and remaking Survivors

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News of attempts to revive or remake Survivors

Nikki Amuka-Bird in the remake of Survivors

 HAVING RELOCATED TO the USA, in the early 1990s Survivors’ creator Terry Nation considered devising a new American version of the show — which would retell the story of The Death and its aftermath on the other side of the Atlantic. His idea never came close to fruition.

A revival of the show, which was to have been penned and produced by Survivors star and script-writer Ian McCulloch for BBC Scotland, would have been the catalyst for a huge resurgence of interest in the programme, but despite two approaches to the BBC in the mid-1990s the project stalled, and plans for a new series, rejoining the story some twenty years on, were cancelled.

 BBC remake

In August 2006, the Media Guardian web site reported that the BBC was in negotiation with the estate of Terry Nation to produce a new series of Survivors, with the intention of creating a new series of six one hour episodes. On 22 November 2007, the BBC confirmed that Survivors would be returning to BBC One screens late in 2008 or early in 2009.

The first 90-minute episode of the new version of Survivors was transmitted on BBC One at 21:00 on Sunday 23 November 2008; with the second 60-minute episode shown at 21:00 on Tuesday 25 November. The remaining four episodes of the first series were then shown on Tuesday evenings at 21:00 up to and including 23 December 2008.

Prior to the showing of the sixth and final episode of the new Survivors, it was confirmed that a second series had been commissioned and that the programme would return to BBC One screens in 2009.

A second series of Survivors was shown on BBC One and BBC HD in January and February 2010.

On Monday 3 April 2010, the BBC confirmed that the corporation had declined to commission a third series of the new Survivors, bringing the revival of the show to an end after twelve episodes.

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Images from the opening titles of Survivors
Images from the opening titles of Survivors

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Terry Nation's Survivors

 Survivors is a 38-episode, three series British post-apocalyptic TV series, created by Terry Nation, and first shown on BBC 1 between 1975 and 1977

 Two Survivors novel were published in the UK, USA and Italy in the seventies: Terry Nation's part-novelisation of the first TV series Survivors was published in 1976; with John Eyers' original follow-up Genesis of a Hero appearing the following year

 A 12-episode, two series remake of Survivors was broadcast on BBC One between 2008 and 2010

 A 36-episode, nine series run of new and original Survivors audio adventures, set in the time and place of the original programme, were released by Big Finish between 2014 and 2019

 Terry Nation's Survivors novel was released as an audiobook, voiced by Carolyn Seymour, in 2014

 Genesis of a Hero was reprinted and republished as a paperback and as a Kindle title in 2015

 A sequel to Genesis of a Hero, entitled Survivors: Salvation, was published in February 2021

 A six-episode original audio drama, Survivors: New Dawn, set two decades on from The Death was released in two three story box sets by Big Finish in November 2021 and February 2022

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Morris Perry: An actor's life

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In conversation - Carolyn Seymour: Survivor

BIG FINISH RELEASED a two-hour 'in conversation' session with Carolyn Seymour (Abby Grant) in April 2021.

 Sequel to 'Genesis of a Hero' published
Sequel to 'Genesis of a Hero' published

AUTHOR JOHN EYERS has just published Survivors: Salvation, a long-awaited sequel to his 'cult classic' novel Survivors: Genesis of a Hero.

 Terry Nation audiobook
Terry Nation audiobook

AN AUDIO-BOOK EDITION of cultural historian Alwyn Turner's acclaimed Terry Nation: The Man Who Invented the Daleks has been released by Fantom Publishing.