New Corn Dolly location find

By Rich Cross   Last updated on 26 December 2020, 12:42:44

Long sought-for Corn Dolly location tracked down

The house in Corn Dolly where Charles and Lorraine meet Mick

THE WHEREABOUTS OF the house used to film the scenes in Corn Dolly where Charles and Lorraine meet Mick have finally been identified. The continuing efforts of Steve Clutterbuck to find the house and garden used to stage these memorable exterior sequences had repeatedly ended in frustrating dead ends. But things took a new turn when he made contact with someone with hands-on local knowledge.

"After so many false leads about its whereabouts, I finally tracked down this house with the help of Stephen Wilkes, a contractor who's actually worked on the property in the past", Steve reveals.

After so many false leads about its whereabouts, I finally tracked down this house

Steve Clutterbuck

The current owners have asked that the exact address of their home not be publicised, but were happy to give visitors Steve and Stephen a guided tour. "The house is undergoing some development work at the moment", says Steve. "Two chimneys have been reinstated, and one of the windows on the right-hand side of the house has been changed into a door."

The home owners had no idea they were making alterations to a residence that played host to a BBC film unit in 1975. "The lady who now owns the house did not know of its Survivors' connection", Steve reveals. "But she was kind enought to allow me to take a few photos."

Corn_Dolly_new_finds_2013.php alt=
The side of the house in Corn Dolly where Charles finds an unlocked window

At first, Steve had wondered if he was hunting for one house or two. "Initially, I had thought that filming might have taken place at two separate houses - one for the scenes showing Charles and Lorraine arrive at the house; the other for the piglet chasing scene in the rear garden."

Walking around the exterior of the house gave Steve the answer. "I was able to confirm that all of the scenes were filmed at the same house; even though the orchard, which was to rear of the house and on the right, has now been removed."

After nailing these locations, there was still a further lead to follow. "The present owners of the house suggested that I speak with the previous owners", says Steve. "And as Stephen knew them, we arranged to meet."

The rear of house in Corn Dolly where Charles chases and captures the piglet
The rear of house in Corn Dolly where Charles chases and captures the piglet

"They were an extremely nice couple, and the first thing that they said to me when we met was how well they remembered the filming of the piglet chasing scenes in the orchard. They watched the whole thing being shot from an upstairs window - which I thought was great."

They said how well they remembered the filming of the piglet chasing scenes in the orchard

Steve Clutterbuck

"Although they watched the filming, they never had the chance to see the finished episode, as they were away on holiday when it was broadcast. As I had all of my location research materials with me, I was able to give them screenshots of all of the Survivors' scenes shot at their old home. They were very happy, and - having found this long sought-for location - so was I."

"All credit, and many thanks, must go to Stephen", Steve insists. "Without his local knowledge and his help, the whereabouts of this striking Corn Dolly location would have continued to remain a mystery."

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