Goofs and Gaffes - Spoil of War - The mismatched quarries

By Rich Cross   Last updated on 21 December 2020, 13:26:13

A questionable quarry comparison - spot the differences...

Greg peers over the edge of the quarry and surveys the scene below
The geography of the two quarries is noticeably different and the layout of the two sets is out of synch

Where are we?: Greg peers over the edge of the quarry and surveys the scene below, hoping to find the source of the gunfire, as Tom and Barney keep under cover.

Director Gerald Blake was unable to return to the location he used to shoot the quarry scenes for Genesis when picking up Vic's storyline again in Spoil of War, so a second quarry had to stand-in for the first. Not only is the geography of the two quarries noticeably different, but the layout of the two sets is out of synch in a number of respects. See above...

What's the goof?: The portacabin in Spoil of War is far larger than the one in Genesis, and is also of a different design. The door out of which a desperate Vic crawls at the end of Genesis is on the front. The door which Greg bursts through in Spoil of War is on the side. In Spoil of War, Vic has rigged-up guns to fire through the front windows of the cabin - in Genesis there are no front windows. Additionally, in Spoil of War the upturned tractor has moved; the canvas-covered storage area has detached from the cabin; and the trailer has shifted to the spot where the tractor originally stood.

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