Big Finish Survivors series two – first trailer

Big Finish have today (25 March 2015) released the first trailer to promote the forthcoming release of the second box set of new Survivors audio adventures.

Big Finish - Survivors series two - front cover
Big Finish – Survivors series two – front cover

Ahead of its June release, the trailer for the second series of Big Finish’s new production of Survivors is now online…

It begins with just a few people falling ill. Another flu virus that spreads around the globe. And then the reports begin that people are dying…

The second series of Big Finish’s award-nominated Survivors series is released in June, and we’re delighted to be able to put the brand new trailer online:

1: Dark Rain

Months after the plague, storms batter the country. As Abby resumes the search for her son, Jackie and Daniel fight for their lives.

2: Mother’s Courage

The search for Peter leads to Aberystwyth, and a community of women who have cut themselves off from the outside world. But what appears to be a safe haven could be nothing of the sort…

3: The Hunted

Greg, Daniel and Russell need the help of survivalist Irvin Warner, who is hiding out in the Brecon Beacons. But predators are roaming in the barren countryside too…

4: Savages

Wounded, split apart and fighting for their lives, the survivors discover that survival isn’t everything…

Survivors series 2 is released in June – to listen to the trailer, or to see more details, or to pre-order on CD or Download at a saving of £5 on either format, click on the link above.

Survivors series 3 is released in November and can be similarly pre-ordered – there will be more details unveiled in coming months – watch this space!

Already available are both the award-nominated full-cast series one, and Carolyn Seymour’s audiobook reading of Terry Nation’s Survivors novel.

Hugh Walters (Vic Thatcher, Survivors) dies at 75

The actor Hugh Walters (Vic Thatcher, series one Survivors, RevengeA Beginning) has died at the age of 75. Walters, who was was born in Mexborough, Yorkshire, on 2 March 1939, passed away in London on 13 February 2015.

Walters enjoyed a long and successful career as a TV actor, appearing in numerous series including the 1970 version of Ivanhoe, Sentimental Education and Never Say Die. He also appeared in The Fenn Street Gang, The Train Now Standing and three Doctor Who stories: “The Chase” (Hartnell, 1965), “The Deadly Assassin” (Tom Baker, 1976) and “Revelation of the Daleks” (Colin Baker, 1985).

Walters took over the role of Vic Thatcher part way through the first series of Survivors after the original actor Terry Scully was taken ill and unable to perform in the upcoming episode “Revenge”: the pivotal story for his character. Walters’ introduction in to the role was, at producer Terry Dudley’s insistence, ‘disguised’ by Thatcher’s facial disfigurement in a cry-for-help suicide bid. Walters excelled in the role, bringing out the vulnerability and warmth in the character of Thatcher (abandoned to his fate by the ruthless Anne Tranter at their quarry hideaway when he is injured in a tractor accident). Walters also captured Thatcher’s devious and deeply driven nature, as he pursues his bid for vengeance against the woman who left him for dead. Thatcher’s eventual acceptance of Tranter’s nature (and her desire for life at any cost) is also sensitively and convincing played by Walters.

By the time of “A Beginning”, Walters’ Thatcher is a more reconciled and enaged figure within the Grange community, contributing to plans to form a new defensive alliance between communities. The character of Thatcher is killed off, along with many others, in the devastating fire which engulfs the Grange at the start of series two. (Vic Thatcher is briefly glimpsed attempting to escape the fire – but Walters did not return to perform this fleeting farewell cameo).

Hugh Thornton Walters (2 March 1939 – 13 February 2015).

Hugh Walters - Survivors