Big Finish podcast recalls third series Survivors audios

Cover of the third series of Survivors audios from Big Finish

BIG FINISH PODCAST host Nick Briggs and Benji Clifford recall the release of the third series of original Survivors audio dramas in November 2015 in the latest edition of their show.

The famous discounted title selector – the Randamoid Selectatron – chose Survivors series three as the beneficiary of this week’s 25% price discount deal deal (which expires on 7 April).

Nick Briggs: It’s the Randomoid Selectatron, where we randomly select a Big Finish release and offer you a 25% discount on it… And, as we’ve mentioned before, because the wonderful Jackie Emery is on very deserved leave, she asked me to select early, and yesterday I hit the Randomoid Selectatron button and got Survivors series three.

Benji Clifford: Great taste, great taste.

Nick Briggs: I think that’s one you particularly like, isn’t it?

Benji Clifford: One of my favourite… probably my favourite Big Finish I’ve ever worked on, I think. It means a lot… it means the most, to me, because it was a real test of my abilities as a sound designer. Like, really. I put it as one of my best bits of work, so… It’s just a great story. Great acting, great cast… I got to the exciting thing of getting to listen to your music score on its own… I was very excited about receiving that, genuinely was.

Nick Briggs: That’s because I was unable to actually compose for that one, wasn’t I?

Benji Clifford: Yeah, so I did all the editing in for that one. But it’s a ripping yarn. It’s really good, gritty, graphic… one of our darker releases at Big Finish. Just so good.

Nick Briggs: It’s Paul Thornley, isn’t it?

Benji Clifford: Yeah, who’s just really fantastic in the role [of Vinnie], and just… really gave it his all. It wasn’t an easy role to do by any means, especially in terms of the content and the subject matter… but he really was brilliant.

Nick Briggs: Great stuff. Well, as I mentioned earlier… it really is worth looking at the whole Survivors range. There’s been some new ones out recently, and they’ve been absolutely superb.

Big Finish Podcast. 2024-03-31 Gallifrey and Steel. 31 March 2024.

Big Finish podcast, 31 March 2024

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