Romford Horror Festival shares video of audience with Ian McCulloch

Ian McCulloch on stage at the Romford Horror Festival 2024

THE ORGANISERS OF Romford Horror Festival have posted an official online recording of the audience with Ian McCulloch which took place on 2 March 2024.

In this session McCulloch plays his guitar and sings, discusses his early musical career, his work on stage and television and his appearance in three Italian horror films Zombie Flesh Eaters, Zombi Holocaust and Contamination.

Although the focus of the weekend was the horror genre, McCulloch does discuss (17ms-25ms) his role as Greg Preston in Survivors, his relationship with Terry Nation and producer Terry Dudley and the three episodes that he wrote for the series.

An audience with Ian McCulloch, Romford Horror Festival 2024
An audience with Ian McCulloch, Romford Horror Festival 2024 – Survivors section

Ian McCulloch to appear at the Popcorn con in Sheffield in September

Ian McCulloch will appear as a guest at the Popcorn convention in Sheffield on 10 September 2023

IAN MCCULLOCH HAS today been confirmed as a guest at the Popcorn convention in Sheffield on 10 September 2023.

Ian McCulloch starred as Greg Preston in the BBC’s cult post apocalyptic 70’s TV series Survivors and most recently in Big Finish’s popular audio productions of the series. He had leading roles in the Italian horror films Zombie Flesh Eaters AKA Zombi II (1979) by Lucio Fulci, Zombie Holocaust (1980) by Marino Girolami, and Contamination (1980) by Luigi Cozzi. Zombie Flesh Eaters was originally banned in the UK as part of the 1980s campaign against “Video Nasties”. McCulloch has had supporting roles in studio films such as “Where Eagles Dare (1968) with Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood, and Cromwell (1970) with Alec Guinness and Richard Harris. In addition, he has appeared in successful independent films, most notably The Ghoul (1975) with Peter Cushing and John Hurt. Ian has also guest starred in many TV series, including: Colditz (1974), Return of the Saint (1978); Hammer House of Horror’s episode “Witching Time” with Patricia Quinn (1980); The Professionals (1980), episode “Mixed Doubles”, in which he played the physical fitness and close quarters combat instructor of Bodie and Doyle; and as Nilson in the Doctor Who, serial “Warriors of the Deep” with Peter Davison (1984).

Popcorn convention

Also confirmed as Popcorn guests are Sarah Sutton, Peter Davison, Clare Higgins, Kenneth Cranham, Madeline Smith, Patricia Quinn and Michael Carter.

Autographs and photo opportunities can be purchased with all guests appearing on the day.

Popcorn describes itself as:

a pop culture festival that gets its geek on for the world of TV, Film, Comics, Literature, Sci-Fi, Horror, Cosplay & Art all under one roof! As well as Special Guests, Q & A panels, there will be autographsselfiescostume groups, cosplay, a busy marketplace filled with memorabillia & merch!  Meet fellow geeks!

Popcorn 2023

Popcorn takes places at the Magna Science Adventure Centre, Magna Way, Templeborough, Sheffield S60 1FD on Sunday 10 September 2023.

Find out more and buy tickets from the site.

Carolyn Seymour to appear at MCM Comic Con, Birmingham, 11-13 November 2022

Carolyn Seymour - Abby Grant, Survivors

CAROLYN SEYMOUR (ABBY Grant, Survivors) will appear at the MCM Comic Con convention taking place in Birmingham, UK between 11-13 November 2022.

Seymour will be taking part in the convention from Friday to Sunday, and will be offering autograph and photo sessions across all three days.

At 16:15 on Saturday 12 November, Seymour will appear on a Live Stage session.

An iconic actor in British TV as well as a popular voice actor – Carloyn Seymour has done it all! Join the legend as she discusses her time on and behind the screen and answers fan questions!

MCM Comicon, Birmingham

Seymour’s involvement with MCM Comic Con, Birmingham follows on from her appearance, alongside Survivors‘ Ian McCulloch (Greg Preston), at the London Film Fair earlier this month.

A limited number of advance tickets are still available for MCM Comic Con, Birmingham (no tickets are sold on the door).

MCM Comic Con
11-13 November 2022
National Exhibition Centre (NEC)
North Ave, Marston Green, Birmingham B40 1NT

Carolyn Seymour - MCM Comicon, Birmingham 2022

Ian McCulloch to appear at London Film Fair, 11 September 2022

Ian McCulloch - London Film Fair - 11 September 2022

IAN McCULLOCH (GREG Preston) will appear at a London Film Fair event on 11 September 2022, at which fans will be able to purchase an autograph and a personal photo shoot with the Survivors actor and script writer.

The London Film Fair will take place at the Royal National Hotel, 38-51 Bedford Way, London WC1H 0DG.

Advance tickets (for entrance to the event) can be purchased online, and anyone unable to attend in person can pre-purchase the autographing of an item.

Joining us for the London Film Fair is IAN MCCULLOCH, the event takes place 11th September 2022 at the Royal National Hotel.

Ian appeared in Survivors and Doctor Who. Fans of the zombie genre will also know Ian for his work on Zombie Flesh Eaters, Zombie Holocaust and then the horror film Contamination.

London Film Fair
Ian McCulloch - London Film Fair - September 2022

Carolyn Seymour joins online Star Trek Q&A session

Carolyn Seymour join online Star Trek Q&A session, 15 July 2020

CAROLYN SEYMOUR (ABBY Grant) will join a three-person panel for an online Star Trek question-and-answer session on 15 July.

Hosted by Wizard World Virtual Experiences, Seymour will appear alongside fellow Star Trek cast members Anthony Montgomery and Alan Van Sprang for an hour-long web session, starting at 21:00 UK time.

The session will be free to view online, although a range of associated merchandise is available to pre-purchase: including signed (and, if desired, dedicated) photos, video chats (scheduled for 18 July) and pre-recorded video messages.

The free Q&A session will be available to view in real-time through the Wizard World Virtual Twitch channel, and the company’s presence on Facebook and YouTube.

UPDATE: 16 July: Wizard World Virtual Experiences have now uploaded a recording of the live session to YouTube:

Wizard World Virtual Experiences - Star Trek Panel - 15 July 2020 - Carolyn Seymour

Christopher Tranchell appears at Fantom event in Chiswick in September

Christopher Tranchell - Survivors - Revenge

CHRISTOPHER TRANCHELL (PAUL PITMAN, Survivors) is joining the line-up at Fantom Events’ September Signing Spectacular, being held on Saturday 8 September 2018 in Chiswick.

Fantom describe these Doctor Who themed events as ideal for “collectors and first time attendees” and providing a “unique opportunity to meet a vast array of Doctors, companions, guest stars and technical personnel.” Tranchell appeared in the Who stories “The Massacre of St Bartholomew’s Eve” (1966), “The Faceless Ones” (1967) and “The Invasion of Time” (1978).

Also appearing alongside Tranchell are Gary Cady, Shirley Cooklin, Gareth Armstrong, Jack Parker, Gabriela Montaraz, David Reynalds and Janet Radenkovic.

Entrance to the event is £10.00, with guests charging £10.00 for photo signings. All guests will sign in two two-hour blocks, and those unable to attend can pre-order a signed photo to be delivered by post.

September Signing Spectacular, St Michael’s Centre, Elmwood Road, Chiswick W4 3DY – 8 September 2018, 12:30-17:00

Carolyn Seymour at Folkestone Film TV & Comic Con

CAROLYN SEYMOUR (ABBY Grant) appears at the sixth annual Folkestone Film TV & Comic Con (FFTCC) this weekend.

Seymour will be signing autographs (for a £15.00 fee) and chatting with fans during the event at the Leas Cliff Hall in Folkestone, Kent on both Saturday 12 May and Sunday 13 May 2018.

In unrelated news, Getty Images have increased the number of archival (and more recent) photos of Seymour available from the photo agency. The images are free to embed (as below), with fees applying to include them in online and print publications.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Ian McCulloch at Abertoir 2014 horror film festival

Ian McCulloch’s (Greg Preston) participation in the recent Abertoir 2014 horror film festival is documented in some of the video, photo and Twitter commentary from The Ghostface Girls.

Ian McCulloch in the Q&A for 'Contamination' at the Abertoir horror film festival
Luigi Cozzi and Ian McCulloch in the Contamination Q&A session at Abertoir 2014



The Ghostface Girls produced daily video diaries from the festival. The screening of Contamination, and the question and answer session which followed, is discussed at 2ms 50s. One of the Ghostface Girls comments: “The Q&A was fantastic. It’s like one of those things that you only get from festivals; to get these people who’ve probably not seen each other for a long, long time, to suddenly sit down and talk about what they did, like, thirty years ago.”

‘An Evening with Ian McCulloch’ is discussed, and briefly illustrated at 2ms in, in this video log from the event.

Big Finish talk Survivors at the London Film and Comic Con

Members of the Big Finish production team discussed the reception of the first series of Survivors audio dramas at the recent London Film and Comic Con.

Producer David Richardson reveals: “Survivors has been selling very well […] it’s had really great reviews; people have really started buying into it and it’s been a great success for us.”

Script editor Matt Fitton adds: “People are picking it up without having seen the TV series, and also fans of the TV series are picking it up and saying that it really is in keeping with it; that it’s part of that world. So it works both ways… Quite a few have come in, listened to it, and then gone and bought the DVDs of the 1975 series.”

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Ian McCulloch joins Big Finish at Dimensions 2014

Ian McCulloch - Big Finish - Dimensions - 2014
Ian McCulloch (Greg Preston) appears fleetingly in the Big Finish video trailer of the company’s appearance at the Dimensions 2014 convention. More Big Finish content from the event will be added to the Big Finish YouTube channel soon.