Big Finish confirm series eight and nine for Survivors audio dramas

Big Finish have confirmed (21 December 2016) that a further two series of Survivors audio adventures have been given the go-ahead; and will be released in June 2018 (series eight) and December 2018 (series nine) respectively.

Following the release of series five last month, series six and series seven had already been confirmed for release in June 2017 and November 2017.

This excellent news means that (alongside the audio-book version of Terry Nation’s 1976 Survivors novel) Big Finish will have created and released no less than 36 original Survivors audio stories by the close of 2018.

Series six, seven, eight and nine are all available for pre-order on the Big Finish web site.

Big Finish - Survivors - Series 2 - four days to go to release...

Flashback to 2015… and a pre-release teaser poster for Survivors series two audios…

Big Finish celebrates reception for Survivors series five audio adventures

Big Finish - Survivors - recording session - December 2016

Big Finish have published an end-of-year round-up of the outstandingly positive reviews that have greeted the release of the fifth series of Survivors audio dramas.

Survivors 5 – A Critics’ Cracker!

We take a look at the critics’ reception of our most recent Survivors release…

(Thanks to David Richardson for this photo from this month’s recording of Survivors – Series 6)

Since its arrival in November, Survivors – Series 5 has received enthusiastic reviews for the four new stories from writers Andrew Smith, Christopher Hatherall and Simon Clark, starring Carolyn Seymour, Ian McCulloch and Lucy Fleming.

Starburst gave the latest release 10/10, saying: “As it explores the highest stakes possible, this develops into the most thrilling and compelling set of stories in Big Finish’s Survivors series to date: which, considering the exceptional quality of the drama in the preceding four instalments, is quite some achievement. This is extraordinary, exemplary human drama; by any standard.”

“All the best box sets work on many levels and this is one of the best – it’s a morality tale, it’s a broken mirror to the world we live in, it’s a character study, it’s a battle of humanity against the virus but more than anything this is the story of Carol Baker. A tale of despair, a tale of hope and a tale of the spirit of humanity both good and bad – and its another classic 10/10,” – Planet Mondas Blog

Sci-Fi Bulletin judged, “Survivors Series 5 is the strongest entry in the franchise so far. It uses a string of excellent guest stars, top class writing and direction to explore the fragile, tenacious hope that powers this world… If you’ve not heard Survivors yet start at the beginning, it’s worth it. If you have, this is the best series yet. 10/10”.

“Survivors offers a challenging listening experience,” says Cultbox, “and this latest season continues to deliver some genuinely shocking moments, not least at culmination of the first episode. Despite its 70’s setting, it also contains some very pertinent parallels surrounding the movement of refugees, and makes us ask the question of how far we ourselves might go in order to survive. 5/5”.

Mass Movement Magazine‘s Tim Cundle concluded his review: “If you are a fan (and if you’re not, then you should really be asking yourself why not and doing your damndest to rectify that as soon as possible) and you are familiar with the series, then you’re going to love every single second of the rapidly unfolding drama that lives at the heart of Survivors Series Five. Survival is everything…”


Until the end of the month, Survivors – Series 5 remains at the frozen pre-release prices of £20 on Download and £25 on CD (in each case going up by £5 from January). Check out the range here, including the four previous series, Carolyn Seymour‘s haunting reading of Survivors by Terry Nation, pre-order prices on next year’s Series 6 and 7, and even a free episode: Survivors – Revelation.