Strangers in Space podcast considers Peter Hill’s Survivors novels

THE LATEST EDITION of the Strangers in Space podcast turns its critical attention to Survivors: Genesis of a Hero and Survivors: Salvation – the two novels written (decades apart) by author Peter Hill under the pen-name John Eyers.

The episode also sets the scene by discussing Terry Nation’s Survivors novel – which Hill’s first novel is a direct sequel to.

The podcast had previously scrutinised the original Survivors television series.

We’ve talked about the original 1970s [Survivors] TV series and its shorter lived 2000s revival, but in this podcast we’re turning our attention to the stories that were too hot for TV – but spoiler warning, Terry Nation’s 1976 novelisation includes twists you might want to discover for yourself, that we can’t avoid bringing up before we discuss John Eyers’ two spin-off books Genesis of a Hero and Salvation. Presented by J.R. Southall, with Jim Cameron and Dylan Rees

Strangers in Space

Strangers in Space. 2024. Book Club 03 – Survivors. 19 June.

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