Review of audiobook Survivors: Crusade published

Survivors: Crusade audiobool cover

A REVIEW OF the new original Survivors audiobook Crusade has been published today on the Survivors: A World Away site.

Written by Doris V Sutherland and narrated by Carolyn Seymour (Abby Grant) Crusade is set at The Grange settlement during the timeline of the first TV series shortly after the tragedies of the episode Law and Order. Big Finish summarise the story as follows:

The Grange residents are grief-stricken after an out-of-control party lead to a wrongful execution. When strangers turn up to cause chaos, the community is tested to its limit.

The Survivors: A World Away review concludes as follows:

Seymour’s narration is, as everyone familiar with her work on audio would expect, exemplary – as perceptive and mellifluous as ever. Seymour is well known for her meticulous preparation ahead of studio sessions which, together with her evident talent and her love for the spoken word form, produce another stand-out performance.

Crusade succeeds as a very different Survivors’ audiobook experience to Nation’s rethought novelisation from 1976 and to 2021’s Ghosts and Demons. This astute, cautionary tale of the threat that distorted religious certainty can pose to the survivors of The Death is the kind of grown-up and probing storytelling for which the series’ setting is so conducive.

Survivors: Crusade is now available to own as a digital download for just £9.99, exclusively from the Big Finish website.

Out now – Survivors Crusade audiobook

BIG FINISH HAVE today (30 May 2022) released the new Survivors audiobook Crusade, available for purchase as a digital download from the Big Finish site.

Written by Doris V Sutherland and narrated by Carolyn Seymour (Abby Grant) Crusade is set at The Grange settlement during the timeline of the first TV series shortly after the tragedies of the episode Law and Order.

Big Finish press release contains the full story behind this new Survivors audio adventure.

Survivors – Crusade is out now!

The Grange residents are grief-stricken after an out-of-control party lead to a wrongful execution. When strangers turn up to cause chaos, the community is tested to its limit.  

Survivors originally aired between 1975 and 1977 — following a community of survivors in the midst of a global pandemic known as the Death. Now, in a five-hour tale, the grim aftermath of the TV episode, Law and Order, is explored.

Having played the legendary role of Abby Grant on TV and audio since 1975, Carolyn Seymour returns to read this epic audiobook.

Survivors: Crusade, written by Doris V Sutherland, is now available to own as a digital download for just £9.99, exclusively here

The survivors are usually prepared to welcome strangers into their community. But when members of a dangerous sect turn up in a double-decker bus on a crusade, a tense power struggle with a cunning new opponent result in murder and betrayal.

Will Abby be forced to leave her friends and everything they have built in their community? Or can the residents of the Grange discover the importance of their own faith in each other?

NOTE: Survivors contains adult material and is not suitable for younger listeners.

Carolyn Seymour, who’s narrating Survivors: Crusade said: “This script is very different. It brings up some interesting questions for everyone to think about around vital things such as mortality, faith, and what’s right and wrong.

“This required a lot of prep time which was great fun to do – I’ve loved it and have worked really hard on this. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

“This is a lovely follow-on from the audiobooks we’ve already done [in the Big Finish Survivors range] – we’ve done quite a few and they’re all interesting and fabulous. I hope you re-listen to them all and spend hours delving and submerging yourselves into the world of Survivors.”

Survivors: Crusade is now available to own as a digital download for just £9.99, exclusively from the Big Finish website.

Carolyn Seymour narrates the new Survivors audiobook Crusade, released in May 2022

Big Finish podcast confirms more Survivors audios planned

IN TODAY’S ‘SURVIVORS Special’ Big Finish podcast (29 May 2022), executive producer Nicholas Briggs confirms that Survivors will be “carrying on” on audio. “There will be another series”, he says. “We had a gap for a while, and we brought it back with New Dawn, two boxsets of that.”

No further details of the forthcoming Survivors audios were revealed, but this news is confirmation that Big Finish’s Survivors audio range will be continuing, and in full-cast series format.

Together with co-presenter Benji Clifford (who provided music and sound design for several Survivors audio boxsets) Nick Briggs discusses the enduring appeal of Survivors, pays tribute to creator Terry Nation, and reflects on Survivors‘ journey on audio to date.

“Honestly, it’s one of my favourite things that we have done at Big Finish,” says Clifford. “It’s such a unique property.”

The podcast includes a short preview of Survivors: Crusade, the new Survivors audiobook written by Doris V Sutherland and voiced by Carolyn Seymour (Abby Grant), due for release this week.

The episode also revisits ‘Revelation‘, the first ever Big Finish Survivors story, written by Matt Fitton, and released as part of the first box set back in 2014.

The podcast closes with a fifteen minute drama tease of ‘Cabin Fever‘, the opening episode of Survivors third series on video – and Clifford’s personal favourite.

Big Finish Podcast. 2022. ‘2022-05-29 Dalek Survivors’, 29 May,

New Survivors: Crusade audiobook to be narrated by Carolyn Seymour

Survivors: Crusade - Big Finish audiobook

BIG FINISH HAVE confirmed the release of a new and original Survivors audiobook set in the timeline of the first TV series. Scheduled for release in May 2022, Survivors: Crusade will be narrated by Carolyn Seymour (Abby Grant).

Written by Big Finish regular Doris V Sutherland, and produced by Peter Anghelides, Survivors: Crusade is set in and around The Grange community, shortly after the tragedies of the episode Law and Order, and will explore how the characters of Greg Preston, Jenny Richards, Abby Grant and the others respond to the arrival of a group of “religious fanatics” who are determined to distinguish “perceived sinners” from “would-be saints”.  

The Big Finish press release (19 April) provides more details of what will be the third Survivors audiobook to be voiced by Seymour – following Survivors and Survivors: Ghosts and Demons.

Survivors: Crusade will be released as a digital download, and is available to pre-order from the Big Finish site.

Carolyn Seymour - pictured in the studio recording Survivors audio material for Big Finish

The Survivors Are On a Crusade

Carolyn Seymour, famed for playing Survivors heroine Abby Grant on TV and audio since 1975, narrates this eerie post-apocalyptic tale following a community of survivors of a global plague.

This five-hour epic picks up after the intense TV episode, Law and Order, in which a wrongful execution transpired. The survivors are still reeling when a group of religious fanatics arrive, triggering a clash between perceived sinners and would-be saints.  

Survivors: Crusade, written by Doris V Sutherland, is now available to pre-order as a digital download for just £9.99, exclusively here.

The survivors are usually prepared to welcome strangers into their community. But when members of a dangerous sect turn up in a double-decker bus on a crusade, a tense power struggle with a cunning new opponent result in murder and betrayal.

Will Abby be forced to leave her friends and everything they have built in their community? Or can the residents of the Grange discover the importance of their own faith in each other?

NOTE: Survivors contains adult material and is not suitable for younger listeners. 

Producer Peter Anghelides said: “Writer Doris V Sutherland is no stranger to Big Finish, and regular listeners will know her work from our Doctor Who, Bernice Summerfield, and Omega Factor ranges. So, I am delighted that she has written for Survivors, with this audiobook script that brings new danger right into the heart of the Grange.” 

Doris V Sutherland added: “It was a true pleasure to write a new story for Abby, Greg, Jenny and the other characters from Survivors, and I’m particularly honoured to have Carolyn Seymour — Abby herself — reading Crusade. The fact that I was given the opportunity at all shows that Terry Nation‘s series still holds appeal for viewers (and listeners) nearly 45 years since it ended. My main hope is that I was able to recapture the feel of Survivors and stay true to the characters, while also telling a new story with a new set of challenges for this post-apocalyptic world.”

Praise for Survivors: Ghosts and Demons:

“Ghosts and Demons is an excellent Survivors story, full-bloodied and not for the faint of heart.” Indie Mac User

“Another strong entry in one of Big Finish’s strongest lines.” SciFi Bulletin

“Future Survivors audiobooks of this calibre would be eagerly anticipated.”
Survivors Mad Dog

Survivors: Crusade is now available to pre-order as a digital download for just £9.99, exclusively from the Big Finish website.

June Brown (Susan, Manhunt) dies aged 95

June Brown as Susan in Manhunt, the opening episode of the third and final series of Survivors

JUNE BROWN, WHO appeared in the opening episode of the third and final series of Survivors, has died at the age of 95.

Brown appears in the role of Susan in ‘Manhunt’, the only episode in the series written by producer Terry Dudley. Susan is a survivor who shares a small settlement with the blacksmith Seth (Dan Meaden) who finds the ill and delirious Jack after he narrowly escapes a wild dog pack on his return from Norway with Greg and Agnes. While Seth makes contact with Charles Vaughan at Challenor, Susan tends to the injured traveller as best she can. The pair then play host to Charles and Jenny, before their two visitors head off in pursuit of Greg Preston hoping to make sense of Jack’s confused account of what awaits them at Wellingham.

Born in Needham Market, Suffolk in 1927, Brown served with the Wrens during World War Two. After the war she was accepted at the Old Vic School in London and subsequently joined the Old Vic company, appearing in touring shows and in productions at Stratford-upon-Avon and the Birmingham Rep. 


By the time she was cast in the small guest role in Survivors, Brown had already established a career on the small screen as well as on stage. On TV, she’d appeared in Armchair Mystery Theatre (1964), Z-Cars (1964-72), Dixon of Dock Green (1965-69), The Prince and the Pauper (1976) and many other series.

Amongst fans of genre TV of the period, Brown is especially well-known for playing the role of Lady Eleanor in the Doctor Who story ‘The Time Warrior’ (shown between December 1973 and January 1984).

In 1977, the same year that she featured in Survivors, she also secured guest roles in Crown Court and The Duchess of Duke Street and appeared in a television adaptation of A Christmas Carol. Her role in one episode of Survivors was a minor waymarker in her long career, and was not something that drew much attention (outside of the ranks of Survivors fans) in the years that followed.

Brown continued to win supporting and guest roles in TV series of all kinds, and appeared in numerous stage productions. But it was her audition in 1985 for the role of Dot Cotton in the BBC soap Eastenders that completely transformed Brown’s career.


Dot was the “chainsmoking, hypochondriac launderette manager of Albert Square”, a role that presented Brown with “a great Dickensian character of detail, humanity and colour” that over time saw Dot secure her place in the “the long-running soap’s female pantheon” (Guardian, 4 April 2022).

Brown would go on to appear in more than 2,300 Eastenders episodes as her character became one of the most fondly-regarded of the show’s ensemble, featuring in any number of major soap storylines. The role won her several industry awards, and Brown was also awarded an MBE in 2008, and an OBE in 2022. Brown retired from the cast of Eastenders in early 2020 at the age of 93.

June Brown: 16 February 1927 – 3 April 2022

Peter Bowles (David Grant, The Fourth Horseman) dies aged 85

Peter Bowles (as David Grant) - The Fourth Horseman - at the Grants home

PETER BOWLES, who played the role of Abby Grant’s husband David in the very first Survivors episode The Fourth Horseman, has died of cancer at the age of 85.

“He was lovely,” Carolyn Seymour (Abby Grant) recalled on the episode commentary for the DD Video release of the first series of Survivors on DVD. “He was just wonderful as my husband.”

By the time he was casting for The Fourth Horseman, director Pennant Roberts had been aware of Bowles’ rising stage and screen career for many years. The pair had first met while Bowles had been working at the Bristol Vic in the early 1960s.

Audience expectation

By 1974, when Roberts was looking to cast the role of the home-counties businessman David Grant, he knew he needed an actor with real presence; someone that – despite his character’s privileged social status – TV audiences would identify with. By that time, Bowles “had established himself”, Roberts recalled in 2003. He was “not as established as he became subsequently” but he was an actor that, in 1975, many TV viewers would have recognised.

That was an important consideration, because Terry Nation’s script for The Fourth Horseman deliberately confounds audience expectation about David Grant’s likely fate. The plotline strongly suggests that the ailing Abby might die, while her as-yet unaffected husband could survive the outbreak.

What Bowles captures so well is the sense of displacement that David Grant feels

“To make the story work you had to feel that [he] was another lead actor” on a par with Seymour, Roberts explained. Someone who could become a series’ regular. So when David Grant subsequently dies, his unexpected death “has a real effect on the viewer,” Roberts reflected.

The character of David Grant only appears in a few pivotal scenes before he succumbs to the virus, but Bowles’ performance leaves a memorable impression. As the virus reaches his commuter-belt village, Bowles brilliantly captures David’s rising panic – as his world comes apart, and Abby falls ill. What begins as irritation at a difficult journey home from a disrupted office, ends with David’s desperate attempts to save Abby’s life and his recognition of the full, terrible reality of the pandemic.


What Bowles captures so well is the sense of displacement that David Grant feels. In conversation with Abby at their dinner table, it’s clear he’s attempting to silence his inner-alarm about the worsening situation in the country through denial. By the time he races off into the night to find Doctor Gordon, the businessman – who’s used to being in charge of every aspect of his life – is now struggling in a world in which nothing is any longer under his control. The fact that David dies alone (and unseen) on his living room couch, while Abby battles through the virus upstairs, only adds to the poignancy – and indeed the shock – of his passing.

Born in London in 1936, Bowles would begin his sixty-year acting career by securing a scholarship for the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA), going on to join The Old Vic Company. It was the start of a lengthy and diverse stage career, which saw Bowles appear in more than 40 productions over the years.

Finely judged comedic performances were balanced by serious dramatic roles

His interest in theatre never diminished, even as he secured success and recognition for his TV roles. One of his final theatrical performances, at the age of 81, was as Father Merrin in a stage version of The Exorcist.

Whilst he enjoyed a low-key career as a movie actor, appearing in films such as The Offence (1972), Try This One For Size (1989) and The Steal (1995), it was his work in television that secured him the most attention.

Good life

Famously turning down the role of Jerry Leadbetter in The Good Life in favour of some more theatre work, Bowles later found fame in TV sit-coms including Only When I Laugh (1979-82), The Bounder (1982-83) and Executive Stress (1987-88). He drew most plaudits for his role as the self-made businessman Richard DeVere in To The Manor Born (1979-2007), alongside Penelope Keith. It remained a hugely popular show throughout its run, consistently attracting huge viewing figures.

But those finely judged comedic performances were also balanced by serious dramatic roles. Building on one-off appearances in a wide variety of TV series in the 1960s, including The Baron, Softly Softly and Take Three Girls (in which Seymour starred), Bowles would go on to take more substantive roles in series such as Rumpole of the Bailey (1979-82), The Irish R.M. (1983-85), Lytton’s Diary (1985-86) and many others. His last major small-screen role was as the Duke of Wellington in Victoria (2016-2019).

Bowles’ impressive acting career saw him take on a varied and contrasting roles over course of six decades, allowing him to showcase his talents in both comedy and straight drama. He was often cast in the guise of the dapper gentleman or the charming professional rogue, but he was always keen to avoid typecasting.

Without in any sense discounting his impressive corpus of work, for enthusiasts of Survivors Peter Bowles will always be indelibly associated with the role of the doomed David Grant. David’s abrupt death comes as a body-blow to Abby Grant, confirming that her former life has gone forever. Like the passing of Jenny Richards’ flatmate Pat, this intimate, personal loss is a potent on-screen metaphor for what is, by the closing credits of The Fourth Horseman, confirmed to be a global human catastrophe.

The final image of the episode shows Abby driving away from the flames consuming the Grants’ home – an improvised funeral pyre for David Grant- and towards whatever life now awaits her.

Bowles’ death was widely covered in the British press, with obituaries appearing in The Guardian, The Mail, The Independent, The Mirror and many other publications.

Peter Bowles: 16 October 1936 – 17 March 2022

Peter Bowles (David Grant) - The Fourth Horseman - meeting Abby at Brimpsfield station.png
Peter Bowles (David Grant) - The Fourth Horseman - meeting Dr Joe Gordon

Reviews of Survivors: New Dawn 2 published

Survivors: New Dawn 2

REVIEWS OF ALL three episodes in the Big Finish Survivors audio box set New Dawn 2 have today been published on the Survivors: A World Away site.

Individual reviews of each story in the concluding part of the New Dawn series, starring Carolyn Seymour and Lucy Fleming are available: Bad Blood, When First We Practice to Deceive and Last Stand. The final review concludes:

The New Dawn series has been a compelling, well-executed foray into a ‘future’ post-pandemic Britain never before attempted in the Survivors universe. Big Finish regularly jumps around within and beyond the established canon of TV series in its range, and that option would remain open in the world of Survivors. Who knows what will come next? If New Dawn 2 marks the end of Survivors journey on audio, then that will mean that an accomplished, inventive and assured series concludes with a remarkable and satisfying endpoint.

Big Finish have yet to announce the company’s plans in relation to any future audio releases (box sets or audiobooks) in the Survivors range.

As things stand at the moment, the Survivors: A World Away Big Finish Survivors site (which was launched back in 2014) currently contains individual episode reviews of 36 stories in the first nine series run, six episode reviews from the New Dawn adventures, and reviews of the audiobooks of Survivors (Terry Nation’s 1976 novel) and Ghosts and Demons (2021) – along with interviews with cast and crew members, including Ian McCulloch, Carolyn Seymour and Lucy Fleming.

This site will, of course, continue to provide full coverage and reviews of any future Survivors content produced by Big Finish.

Published today – Survivors: Mad Dog (Silver Archive)

Obverse Books - Silver Imprint - Mad Dog - front cover (complete with title typo, corrected in the final version)

A NEW BOOK, offering an in-depth study of the classic third series Survivors episode Mad Dog, is published by Obverse Books today (17 February 2022).

Written by Survivors: A World Away site editor Rich Cross, this latest entry in Obverse Books’ Silver Archive imprint, turns a critical and analytical spotlight on one of the best remembered episodes from the show’s third and final series.

Silver Archive – Survivors: Mad Dog

“Saliva only has to make contact with the skin. Rabies doesn’t even need a scratch. If it’s in the bloodstream, it’s too late.”

Mad Dog (1977) is a standout instalment of the third and final series of the BBC’s post-apocalyptic series Survivors. A touchstone in the series’ switch to a tougher, bleaker sensibility, the episode is rightly remembered for its portrayal of rabies and its gripping chase sequences. But it’s also a story offering fascinating insights into the wider human predicament, which dramatise the tension between optimism and cynicism and between altruism and self-interest. Above all, it’s a story that foregrounds the complex relationship between humanity and the natural world in a fictional post-pandemic Britain.

Rich Cross has published widely about science fiction and genre TV and retains a singular fascination with post-apocalyptic and dystopian television drama.

In an exclusive interview for this site, Rich Cross explains:

“For long-standing, knowledgeable fans of Survivors, I’m sure that there will still be a great deal of new, and hopefully insightful, analysis about one of the best regarded episodes in the show’s entire run. And I’m confident that there is a wealth of new reflections which situates the story of Survivors and of Mad Dog in the cultural, political and social times in which it was made.”

“Even for those able to recite sections of dialogue from the script, and who know each and every location in which the episode was recorded, I’m hopeful that they’ll enjoy discussions about themes and ideas in the drama of Mad Dog that they may not have considered before. That’s something that should enhance their appreciation of the work of writer Don Shaw, director Tristan de Vere Cole, and their talented cast and crew, the next time they rewatch the episode.”

“There’s certainly no requirement to be a ‘Survivors expert’ to enjoy the book, and there’s a great deal in the book that should intrigue fans of 1970s genre television, as well as cultural and political historians of the UK in the 1970s.”

The Obverse Books’ Silver Archive entry Survivors: Mad Dog is available to buy direct from the Obverse Books site – in both print and electronic formats (and in a p&e combo).

Rich Cross. 2022. Survivors: Mad Dog. Obverse Books (Silver Archive), ISBN: 9781913456221, pp.168.

Survivors: New Dawn 2 audio box set released today

Survivors: New Dawn 2

BIG FINISH HAVE today (10 February 2022) released new and original Survivors audio box set New Dawn 2.

The press release announcing the release is reproduced below:

The Survivors are Divided!

The horror continues in the post-apocalyptic audio drama, Survivors: New Dawn 2, released today by Big Finish Productions.

Survivors began as a BBC TV series which ran from 1975-77 and followed a community of people fighting for their lives amid a global pandemic known as the Death. Big Finish has produced the official audio continuation since 2014, with original series actors Carolyn Seymour and Lucy Fleming reprising the roles of Abby Grant and Jenny Richards respectively.

This powerful box set picks up from last year’s New Dawn 1, taking place a generation after the outbreak. Abby and Jenny are reunited and determined to track down Dominic Crayle (Gareth Armstrong), the Governor responsible for enslaving Abby.

A hostile divide has formed between those who lived through the Death and those born into the dystopian world. With the addition of a sibling rivalry among opposing leaders Helen Maxwell (Sheena Bhattessa) and Emma Maxwell (Sheetal Kapoor), tension soars.

Survivors: New Dawn 2 is now available to pre-order as a CD box set + download (for just £19.99) or a digital download only (£16.99), exclusively from the Big Finish website.

The world has ended. The Death crossed continents, sparing only a fraction of the global population. The survivors are now trying to pick up the pieces and rebuild society to create a new future

It’s been twenty years since the Death. Britain has a fledgling government based in Cambridge, and some transport and communications infrastructure has been re-established. International links are being forged, and people are looking to the future with hope. But this new order is more fragile than it appears.

The worst of human nature has survived along with the best. Abby Grant and Jenny Richards have been reunited after fifteen years. They’ve survived tragedy and loss, and now ride north to confront Governor Dominic Crayle with evidence of his crimes.

The three compelling stories in this box set include:

Bad Blood by Lizbeth Myles 

Abby and Jenny are heading north when they’re thrown into the middle of a conflict between two rival factions. Learning someone has tried to assassinate the local Governor, is there anything they can do to prevent further violence and bloodshed? 

When First We Practise to Deceive by Andrew Smith 

Abby and Jenny reach the Zone controlled by Governor Dominic Crayle. He has serious questions to answer, but Crayle will go to any lengths to protect his secrets.

Last Stand by Roland Moore

In the overgrown remains of an abandoned city, a new friend helps Abby and Jenny make a last stand against a determined enemy. 

NOTE: Survivors contains adult material and is not suitable for younger listeners.

The box set also features new characters, including Helen’s ex-fiance and Emma’s right-hand man Sean Douglas (Sam Stafford), Captain of the Rangers Vanessa Walker (Yasmin Mwanza), Crayle’s worker Perry ‘Pyro’ Bennett (Joshua Riley), and grieving widower Akhil Sarkar (Paul Bazely).

Producer Emma Haigh said: “I’ve really enjoyed working on this box set and seeing the resolution between Abby, Jenny and Dominic Crayle come to life. Survivors often tells dark stories but, in this box set we meet some brave and inspiring characters whose actions open up the stories to a new future.”

Lucy Fleming added: “It’s a good old rollicking adventure! [Jenny and Abby] set off to find out what Dominic Crayle is actually doing which proves to be quite difficult. He is a very good and strong character, played brilliantly by Gareth Armstrong. It makes you realise how wicked people can be.”

Carolyn Seymour said: “Being taken as a slave was incredibly traumatic for Abby and she wants [Crayle] brought to justice so she has to find as much proof as she can.”

Gareth Armstrong added: “When we meet DominicCrayle, we think he’s a good guy who’s going to help our heroines but in fact he’s deeply corrupt and as the story goes on you discover he’s also violent, dangerous, and a thoroughly bad guy. “It was a cracking part! It’s always good to play the bad guy, especially as he pretends to be a good guy as you get the chance to be doubly devious. I enjoyed it hugely.”

Survivors: New Dawn 2is now available to pre-order for just £19.99 (as a CD box set + download) or £16.99 (on download only), exclusively from the Big Finish website. Big Finish listeners can save money by pre-ordering the Survivors: New Dawn 1-2 together in a bundle at £38 (CD + download) or £33 (download only).

Praise for Survivors: New Dawn 1:

“Standards of writing, performance and sound design are as high as ever. This is a strong release in a consistently strong series, and very much recommended.” —We Made This Network

“There’s plenty to enjoy here and by the end of the set, a mission established for the second volume too. Roll on February!” —Indie Mac User

“An introduction to the Survivors ‘new dawn’ that is as enticing as it is unexpected.” —Survivors: Mad Dog

All the above prices include the special pre-order discount and are subject to change after general release. Please note that Big Finish is currently operating a digital-first release schedule.

The mail-out of collector’s edition CDs may be delayed due to factors beyond our control, butallpurchases of this release unlock a digital copy that can be immediately downloaded or played on the Big Finish app from the release date.

Big Finish podcast previews Survivors: New Dawn 2

Survivors: New Dawn 2

TODAY’S (6 FEBRUARY 2022) Big Finish podcast previewed the new audio boxset Survivors: New Dawn 2, the concluding part of the New Dawn series due for release later this week.

Sound designer Benji Clifford provides a pithy summary of the premise of Survivors (for those who’ve not encountered the series before now) and, together with co-presenter Nick Briggs, previews some of the behind-the-scenes interviews with cast and crew that accompany the release.

Survivors: New Dawn 2 is available for pre-order right up to its release date. Survivors: New Dawn 1 is still available in both CD and digital download formats. Both releases can also be ordered as part of a Big Finish bundle.

Big Finish podcast. 2022. 'Annihilated Survivors', 6 February

Big Finish podcast. 2022. ‘Annihilated Survivors’, 6 February.