Survivors in Starburst writers’ top 100 TV shows

Survivors features in the Starburst writers' top 100 TV shows of all time

IN A POLL of writers for Starburst magazine, the original 1970s’ incarnation of Survivors features in a ‘top 100’ rundown of the best genre TV shows of all time.

Survivors lands just outside the ‘top 50’ shows, ahead of Terry Nation’s celebrated space opera Blake’s 7, and just behind Seth MacFarlane’s scathing animated sitcom Family Guy.

As a regular Starburst contributor, the editor of this site submitted a list of his top 20 shows to the vote, and wrote the summary description of Survivors (and many other entries in the list, including that for Blake’s 7) once all the votes had been tallied and the ranking confirmed.

Starburst magazine #482 is available to buy from discerning newsagents and online through the Starburst shop.

Starburst #482

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