Britbox drops Survivors from its TV series collection

Survivors on Britbox

BRITBOX, THE STREAMING archive television platform that, in September 2020, made all three series of Survivors available to watch online through its subscription service, has now withdrawn the programme from its collection.

The move follows the expiry of the licence to stream the series agreed with the BBC.

Both series of the 2008-2010 remake of Survivors, which were also previously available through Britbox, have now been withdrawn as well.

Britbox recently announced that in future it would be delivered through the ITVX Premium platform – which would become “the new home of BritBox”.

One thought on “Britbox drops Survivors from its TV series collection”

  1. i really do not like streaming services because they can take off anything when they want. No-one can take the DVDs off my shelf.

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