Keith Jayne (Mick, Corn Dolly) to appear at Whooverville 2022

Keith Jayne - Survivors - Corn Dolly

KEITH JAYNE, WHO memorably played the role of Mick in the first series Survivors episode Corn Dolly, will be one of the guests at the Whooverville convention in Derby on 3 September 2022.

Whooverville 13 is, as the name suggests, a Doctor Who themed event, celebrating all the different eras of the show. Keith played the role of Will Chandler in the Fifth Doctor story The Awakening (alongside Denis Lill), but is probably best known in genre circles for playing the title role in the 1981 television adaptation of the much-loved children’s story Stig of the Dump.

Advance tickets for Whooverville 13, which proudly promotes itself as “the East Midland’s biggest annual get-together for fans of the BBC TV series Doctor Who” can be purchased online.

Keith has fond memories of his time working on Corn Dolly. “I remember it being a very friendly cast,” he told the Survivors: A World Away site. “As the youngest of them I used to enjoy the cuddles from Annie Hayes [Lorraine] – especially when it was so cold. Lucy and Carolyn were also kind to me. However, of them all, Denis was really helpful.”

Keith did have some concerns about taking on the part of Mick so early in his acting career. “I felt the part was too big for me at that stage,” he concedes. “But with [director] Pennant [Roberts]’s constant encouragement and the kindness afforded me by the other cast members, I got through it.”

Whooverville 13
3 September 2022
QUAD, Market Place, Cathedral Quarter, Derby DE1 3AS

June Hudson joins Fantom Events ‘Signing Spectacular’ – 27 August

COSTUME DESIGNER JUNE Hudson is appearing at a signing event in London on 27 August 2022.

June joined the production team on Survivors in its first year and designed the clothing for the show’s leading series one characters. During her career at the BBC, June worked extensively on Doctor Who and Blake’s 7 amongst other classic shows.

Tickets for the event organised by Fantom Films, at which numerous Doctor Who cast and crew members are appearing, cost £15 (including a free gift).

Tickets can be booked in advance (as numbers are limited). Anyone unable to attend can also purchase a signed photo in advance.

Fantom Events August Signing Spectacular
27 August 2022
St Michael’s Centre, Elmwood Road, Chiswick, London W4 3DY