Big discounts on Big Finish Survivors audio dramas – until 20 November

Survivors - Big Finish audios - November 2022 CD sale

BIG FINISH HAVE announced a seven-day sale on the six most recent Survivors audio drama boxsets – offering reduced prices on series four to series nine, available in CD and digital download formats.

There are also discounts on each of the nine individual Survivors boxsets, and the audiobook of Terry Nation’s 1976 Survivors novel, narrated by Carolyn Seymour.

Survivors series four to series seven are available as a four-pack combo for £42.75 (reduced from £90.00), and at significantly reduced prices as individual boxsets.

Survivors series eight and nine are available as a two-pack combo for £22.50 (reduced from £50.00), and also at majorly reduced prices as individual boxsets.

Postage is free for the combo CD sets, all of which unlock access to the digital download versions.

Access the deals on the Big Finish site while the offer lasts.

The Survivors Big Finish sale ends 23:59 (UK time) on 20 November 2022.

Still not tempted? Check out the detailed reviews of series four, five, six, seven, eight and nine of these Survivors audio dramas elsewhere on the Survivors: A World Away site to find out more.

Save up to 80% on selected Survivors releases on collectors’ edition CD and download while stocks last.

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The Survivor range of mobile and tablet cases boasts striking logo design

A range of hard-wearing, protective cases for iPads, smartphones and other mobile devices, marketed by Griffin Technologies boasts impressive and striking brand styling.

The Survivor range benefits from a strong stencil-style logo which aims to emphasise the durability and resilience of its products. It is an effective and memorable case of (trade-marked) product branding, about which Griffin Technologies’ lawyers would certainly not encourage us to comment.

The Survivor brand - from Griffin Technologies
The Survivor brand – from Griffin Technologies