Big Finish to release audio of Simon Clark’s The Night of the Triffids

Big Finish have announced that this September the company will release a full-cast audio version of author Simon Clark’s follow-up to John Wyndham classic post-apocalyptic tale of ‘killer plants gone wild in a world gone blind’ The Day of the Triffids.

While The Day of the Triffids has been adapted for radio several times since the novel was first published in 1951, this will be the first time that The Night of the Triffids has secured the audio treatment. Big Finish stress that this new audio version is “fully approved by the John Wyndham estate”.

Clark’s official sequel The Night of the Triffids, first published in 2001, has been adapted for audio by the author. An interview with writer/scriptwriter Simon Clark will be published on this site shortly.

Directed by John Ainsworth, the cast of The Night of the Triffids includes Sam Troughton (David Masen), Nicola Bryant (Kerris/Marni/Rowena), Paul Clayton (Bill Masen / General Fielding), Geff Francis (Gabriel), John Schwab (Sam Dynes), Becky Wright (Kristina), Toby Longworth (Captain Sharpstone), Nigel Carrington (Seymour), Helen Goldwyn (Jazmay).

On the Isle of Wight, a colony of survivors wakes to a world plunged into darkness. Before long, the triffids, thought safely out of the way on the mainland, attack… In John Wyndham’s classic bestseller The Day of the Triffids the world has been overwhelmed by killer plants. As the novel ends, Wyndham’s narrator scientist Bill Masen is escaping, with his wife and four-year-old son, to the Isle of Wight where a small colony of survivors is holding out. Simon Clark’s sequel picks up the story twenty-five years on.

The survivors are safe, for the time being at least, on their island, where they have continued efforts to combat the triffids, while also striving in various ways to build a new civilization. Elsewhere in the world, similar colonies cling to survival, while the triffids persist in their attempts to destroy humanity.

One morning Bill Masen’s son, David, now grown up, wakes to a world plunged into darkness. Now, the triffids have an advantage over humanity

Big Finish – The Night of the Triffids trailer


The Night of the Triffids can be pre-ordered (in either CD or digital download formats) from the Big Finish site.

Big Finish - The Night of the Triffids

BFI to release ‘The Changes’ on DVD in August 2014

The British Film Institute (BFI) has announced plans for the first-ever DVD release of the 1975 post-apocalyptic BBC TV children’s serial The Changes.

The Changes is set in then-present-day Britain where people suddenly turn against all technology, plunging the country back to a pre-industrial age of suspicion and superstition. The ten-part series follows schoolgirl Nicky Gore who flees the upheaval and danger of the city and sets out on a journey which develops into a quest to discover the cause of the calamity which has befallen the world.

Adapted from the Peter Dickinson trilogy, The Weathermonger (1968), Heartsease (1969) and The Devil’s Children (1970), producer Anna Home shot much of The Changes on location and on film in and around the Bristol area.

The Changes was first screened on BBC 1 between January and March 1975 – completing its run just a few weeks before the first episode of Survivors was transmitted.

The Changes - DVD cover - BFI release - August 2014

Thanks to Adrian H for alerting the blog to this news