WINKERLANd Productions Interview with Ian McCulloch at Cinema Wasteland

Ian McCulloch appeared at the the Cinema Wasteland horror convention in 2010

WINKERLANd Productions interviews Ian McCulloch at Cinema Wasteland (2010). We don’t own some of the footage in this video. Any footage from a film was shot from a television screen to give it that grindhouse feel.

The Midnight Corey blog report on the event describes a conversation with a typically fortright McCulloch:

Ian McCulloch was the lead actor in Zombie (1979), and is completely astonished by the popularity of the movie. One thing that surprised me about Mr. McCulloch is that he told me he’s never seen any of Romero’s zombie movies — he said he just doesn’t have the desire to. He also told me that he met Romero recently, and Romero refuses to watch Zombie (or any of its sequels) because he thinks they’re all ripoffs of his work.

Photo: Midnight Corey

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