Director Ray Cooney catches up with cameo guest-stars Lucy Fleming and Simon Williams

As part of the promotional work to support the release of the new film adaptation of his bedroom farce Run For Your Wife, writer and director Ray Cooney catches up with Lucy Fleming and Simon Williams (two of a huge number of British actors and actresses who cameo in the film). The interview includes footage of Fleming’s and Williams’ brief appearance in the film (alongside Andrew Sachs and Mark Wingett).

The film, which stars Danny Dyer, has received near-universally dire reviews, and the story of its dismal performance at the box office has attracted widespread press comment.

Reviewing the film in The Guardian, Peter Bradshaw concludes:

The humour makes The Dick Emery Show look edgy and contemporary, and the movie features a mind-boggling parade of cameos you are only otherwise liable to see in the cutaway shots of an ITV3 repeat of An Audience with Magnus Pyke. Frank Thornton! Bill Pertwee! Russ Abbot! Connoisseurs of the British thespian scene from 30 years ago are likely, however, to have precisely the same response as those who do not recognise any of these people: an overwhelming desire to buy an old-fashioned town-gas cooking appliance in which one’s head will fit snugly.

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