Big Finish – new audio adventure details released

Issue 55 of Big Finish’s Vortex fanzine – which is free to download from the Big Finish site – provides the first tantalising details of the new Survivors audio adventures which the company will be releasing early next summer.

The ‘Sneak previews and whispers’ section gives the first hints of what series one will offer: (Note: mild spoilers).

Terry Nation’s Survivors is one of the UK’s most loved fantasy series – a gritty look at a world ravaged by lethal plague, and the handful of people who survive into a new world where technology is largely obsolete and the rule of law is long gone…

The brand new audio series from Big Finish starts from the beginning again, introducing a new set of characters who face the near-end of the world. The episodes then run in tandem with the 1970s TV show, combining our characters with familiar faces from Nation’s original.

Get ready to meet Daniel Connor, Helen Wiseman, John Redgrave, Maddie Price, James Gillison and Jackie Burchall as a new strain of flu passes from person to person, and from country to country. And get ready to meet some friends from the past again too…

By the closing credits, not everyone will get out of this alive.

Out June 2014

The back cover of Vortex 55 sports a new full-page advert for the series one audio adventures.

Big Finish - Survivors - Vortex - Issue 55
Big Finish – Survivors – Vortex – Issue 55

Thanks to Adrian H for alerting the blog to this news

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