Original scripts of The Face of the Tiger and Reunion for sale by auction bid

The Face of the Tiger
The Face of the Tiger

Survivors‘ scriptwriter Don Shaw is selling his personal copy of his Survivors scripts for his series two episode The Face of the Tiger and series three story Reunion.

These are the scriptwriter’s copies of the shooting script for each episode, kept in Don’s personal archive since 1976 and 1977.

The scripts for The Face of the Tiger and Reunion are being sold separately, and independent offers (with an opening price for each script of £250) are invited. Each script is in very good condition and will be signed by Don. An additional handwritten message can be added to either script at the buyer’s request.

In the past couple of years, Don has sold a signed copy of one of his Doomwatch scripts for more than £200, while a copy of an signed script from his contribution to the Hammer House of Horror anthology sold for more than £400. Last year, Don sold his personal copy of his script for his series three Survivors episode Mad Dog.

If you are interested in making a bid on either the The Face of The Tiger or Reunion scripts, please submit your bid via the contact form on the Survivors: A World Away site, by the end of Wednesday 19 March. (Please note, the Survivors: A World Away site is just helping Don to get word out to Survivors‘ fans about this offer – and will not receive a penny from any sale). Remember to indicate which script you are bidding on (or if you are making separate bids for both).

If no suitable offers are received directly from the Survivors fan community (which is receiving first sight of the sale), then the script will be listed in open auction on eBay.


UPDATE (1 April 2014): As a result of the auction, the script for The Face of the Tiger was purchased by a member of the Survivors fan community. As with the previous successful sale of his personal script copy of Mad Dog, Don Shaw was pleased that the script was acquired by a dedicated Survivors fan. No successful bids were received for the script for Reunion, so this item will be listed for open auction on the eBay site shortly. A further update will follow once the Reunion script has been listed on eBay.

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