Big Finish complete the recording of series three of Survivors audio adventures

Recording of the third series of Survivors audio adventures, scheduled for release in November 2015, has completed today at Big Finish’s London studios. Producer David Richardson, actors Chase Masterston, Andrew French and John Banks and scriptwriter Andrew Smith all took to Twitter in the last couple of days whilst working in the studio.

I was fortunate enough to visit the studios on Thursday (14 May), the penultimate day of recording on the series to interview cast and crew (and be mightily impressed by hearing just a glimpse of what’s in store for series three). I’ll be publishing lots of information, insight and opinion from those interviews in the week and months ahead.

In the meantime, if you’ve not already done so – a reminder that series two (scheduled for release in June 2015) is still available for pre-order from the Big Finish site, as is series three (November 2015), series four (June 2016) and series five (November 2016).

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