Big Finish Survivors series three – cast, episode details and trailer released

Audiobook specialists Big Finish have released the first details of series three of their acclaimed Survivors audio adventures – which will be released in November 2015.

Coming in November – Survivors: Series 3, the next box set of the critically acclaimed post apocalyptic drama

Branching out from the harrowing events of the recently released second series, Series 3 focuses on a new group of Survivors, living in the ruins of London during the events of the original TV series. Returning from the first box set is Maddie Price (Chase Masterson), still looking for a way back to the USA. Her desperate search will lead her to cross paths with some old friends – and some new enemies.

1: Cabin Fever by Jonathan Morris
Introducing: Andrew French as Dalton Roberts, Paul Thornley as John ‘Vinnie’ Vincent
After weeks of searching for her son across a devastated Britain, Abby Grant and her allies head into London in pursuit of new leads. One of the party is quarantined, holed up with a fever. They remember the very first days of the Death, and the actions of a man called John Vincent…

2: Contact by Simon Clark
Introducing: James Joyce as Jonathon
A lonely voice on the radio calls out across the ether. Maddie Price is a long way from home, but not yet ready to give up hope.

3: Rescue by Andrew Smith
When his friends’ lives hang in the balance hundreds of feet above London, Jimmy Garland leads a daring rescue mission into the capital.

4: Leaving by Matt Fitton
Down on the coast, plans are being made to reach out across the world. It could mean a new beginning for some, and the long-awaited chance to return home for others.

You can pre-order Survivors: Series 3 now. Series 1, Series 2 and the audiobook reading of Terry Nation’s original novel are available now.

Two further series are also available to pre-order now. And if you haven’t listen yet: listeners can download our award nominated first episode Survivors: Revelation for free.

The first series three trailer has also been released:


Big Finish - Survivors - series 3 cast
Big Finish – Survivors – series 3 cast

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