Ian McCulloch: new Big Finish Survivors interview

In the latest of a new series of interviews on the Survivors A World Away Big Finish mini-site, in which cast and crew discuss work on the second series of Big Finish’s Survivors audio dramas, Ian McCulloch (Greg Preston) takes issue with the idea that Greg should be thought of as ‘heroic’:

The thing that has struck me when thinking about this in relation to the original series is actually how much of a bastard Greg could be. Looking back I can remember he killed people, suffocated a sick child, strangled someone with his bare hands, and passed on deadly diseases. For an action and adventure series, this was nasty stuff.

The second series of Survivors audios is available from the Big Finish shop, along with all the other current entries in the range.

Ian McCulloch - Big Finish - Survivors - series two - interview

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