Cast discuss Survivors series three audio adventures in Big Finish’s Vortex

The new edition of Big Finish’s house magazine Vortex (No 81, November 2015) includes an two-page interview with actor John Banks (Daniel Connor) discussing his work on the third series of Survivors audio adventures. The issue also features some brief comments from Miranda Raison (who plays the role of Janet the new series of Survivors), who admits that: “Survivors was surprisingly dark”; and a photo showing Carolyn Seymour (Abby Grant) with fellow cast members of the new Jago, Litefoot & Strax story “The Haunting” (in which Seymour appears).

Survivors - Series 3 - Big Finish - Vortex - 81

Earlier this week Big Finish released the much-anticipated third series of Survivors audio adventures! The new four-part series is available to buy in both digital download and CD formats.

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