Richard Heffer and Carolyn Seymour discuss being reunited for Survivors audios

In two exclusive new interviews, Richard Heffer (Jimmy Garland) and Carolyn Seymour (Abby Grant) discuss turning the clock back forty years to return to their shared Survivors storyline in series three of the new Survivors audio adventures from Big Finish.

Says Seymour of finding more and more of the original Survivors cast being reunited for the Big Finish audio dramas:

it’s wonderful to meet everybody who was in the series before – the original group. A lot of the acting peers in my age group have gone. So seeing the ones that are still alive, and connecting like we did – because we were so close – is heaven.

Heffer suggests that the character of Jimmy Garland has remained:

a person who was always in the back of my head. He was very like the character in The Mad Death. Obviously he was posher, and one of the things he represented in Survivors was that sort of paternalistic view of things from an earlier era. It was a really interesting part, and one of the sort of roles that did, I suppose, often come my way.

Richard Heffer and Carolyn Seymour - series three - Big Finish - Survivors

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