Big Finish Survivors cast join other Big Finish dramas

Carolyn Seymour at Big Finish

Carolyn Seymour (Abby Grant) is appearing in the Big Finish Doctor Who story The War Doctor, starring John Hurt and Jacqueline Pearce, in the role of ‘The Slave’. Writer and director Nick Briggs recalls that Hurt and Seymour knew each other from earlier in their respective careers. ‘They hadn’t seen each other for about 40 years’, explains Briggs, ‘but they were delighted to be able to chat again.’ John Banks (Daniel Connor) also appears in The War Doctor in the role of Garv.

The War Doctor imprint has the same producer (David Richardson) and script editor (Matt Fitton) team as work on the Big Finish Survivors audios.

The cast of The War Doctor - Big Finish
Cast from The War Doctor, including Carolyn Seymour and John Banks

Seymour also appears as Mrs Multravers in the Jago and Litefoot and Strax story The Haunting; and features in Doctor Who: The Churchill Years, Volume One, released in January 2016.

Carolyn Seymour at Big Finish
Carolyn Seymour at Big Finish

Zoë Tapper, soon to appear in the fourth series of Big Finish’s Survivors audio adventures, as Evie, appears in The Martian Chronicles, which stars Derek Jacobi in the role of Captain Wilde. This adaptation of the celebrated sci-fi novel, which won a Silver at the 2015 New York Festivals’ World’s Best Radio Program Awards, was commissioned by BBC Radio 4 and is now available for purchase as a Big Finish release.

Tapper will also feature in The War Doctor Volume 02: Infernal Devices, released in February 2016, in the role of Collis.

Zoe Tapper and John Altman - The Martian Chronicles
Zoe Tapper (with John Altman) in The Martian Chronicles