Big Finish release trailer for series seven of Survivors audios

Big Finish - Survivors - series seven - cover

BIG FINISH HAVE released an intriguing short trailer for the seventh series of new Survivors audio adventures released later this month.

Series seven is still available for pre-order (in both CD and digital download formats) on the Big Finish site, while the previous six series (and the audiobook version of Terry Nation’s 1976 Survivors novel) are all available for purchase.

Series eight of Survivors audios will be released in June 2018; with series nine following in November 2018.


One thought on “Big Finish release trailer for series seven of Survivors audios”

  1. I’ve only just listened to the 4 stories in series 7. I am so grateful and thankful for Big Finish for putting this series together and all the folks contributing from writers to actors BUT.

    I’ve bought all 7 series and in the main have loved them, and have re-listened to most of them at least once. Criticism has been the same as many other specifically the over acting by most of the female contributors. I did pick up on a sentence Carolyn Seymour (Abbie) said in one of the interviews that you have to ‘act bigger’ or some such phrase, I took this to mean you had to exaggerate words and emotion because of the lack of visuals. I don’t subscribe to that idea and in fact it grates on me. Ian (Greg) gets it right in my opinion, plays it just like on TV and that’s all that’s needed, as a ‘listener’ I can visualise the scene and take on the emotion.

    In series 7 it seemed that the Abbie we all knew and loved from the TV series had turned into a quivering, neurotic wreck based on circumstances which unfolded in the series (no spoilers). Her character back at the time of Survivors would absolutely not have behaved this way in my opinion. She rescues it slightly by the end but it was negative aspect of the series IMO.

    Now we come to the real crux. In the TV series and indeed in the Audiodrama it is said that Greg dies of smallpox (from memory). We never really know of course, no body is found, information is hard to come by and often 3rd/4th hand.

    It could be that it was a mistake, a mid-hearing, or it could be a rumour started by Greg for his own purposes. He’s made many enemies over the years and is a target for many. He may have work to do which is better done incognito.

    Assuming Ian is up for doing more audio work the decision whether Gregs demise is true or not is with Big Finish. In my opinion ..


    He’s the only relevant male character and a superb one at that. If not for Greg we will end up with episodes filled with nuerotic women. Maybe the odd wimpy man or deranged megalomaniac but IMO Survivors audio dramas will die without Greg.

    I really, really, hope we hear some news/gossip before series 8 that Greg will be back. If not and he definitely isn’t I’ll likely not buy it, maybe I will just to see what they can make out of a Gregless survivors but very much doubt I’d be willing to keep throwing £20 at Big Finish for it afterwards.

    The only other hope would be if Denis Lil was prepared to take part. Did they ever ask him? What did he say? Has he been asked since the audio drama has received the huge success that it has?

    I’ll finish by repeating my desperate request PLEASE Big Finish, bring Greg back!

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