Big Finish release free fifteen minute preview of Survivors series eight

Big Finish - Survivors - series eight - cover art

TODAY’S BIG FINISH podcast (2 December 2018) concludes with a fifteen minute preview of the first episode of series eight of Survivors audio adventures.

The ‘Drama Tease’ is a staple feature of Big Finish’s regular weekly podcast, and this instalment offers a quarter-of-an-hour sneak-peak of opening episode of upcoming eighth Survivors audio series ‘Bandit Train’. Written by Christopher Hatherall, this story features Abby Grant (Carolyn Seymour), Jenny Richards (Lucy Fleming), returning audio-first character Craig (George Watkins) and Derek Gibb (Gyuri Sarossy).


Society is slowly rebuilding. Abby and Jenny are transporting supplies between settlements. Craig is learning how to run the steam engines on lines cleared by Greg Preston.

But there are still those who just want to take. And their train is about to come under attack…

The eighth series of Survivors audios is released later this month and is still available for pre-order; and all previously releases in the series are still available to buy in CD and download formats.

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