Big Finish Survivors series nine preview in Vortex

Vortext feature on Survivors series 9 audios from Big Finish

THE LATEST ISSUE of Big Finish’s free magazine Vortex includes a preview of the upcoming ninth and final series of original Survivors audios.

In the fully-illustrated four-page feature, Survivors producer David Richardson explains:

We knew we were reaching an end point with the full-cast Survivors stories – we’ve run for nine box sets of 36 episodes (that’s just two short of the TV series), and the longevity of a series is only guaranteed by sales. There’s a law of diminishing returns with any audio series, and so we felt that by the ninth box set it would be best to conclude our ongoing storyline. It was great to have that notice, to be able to plan for a proper, final end. And I think the end is perfect – powerful, credible and with maybe a hint of a beginning too.

Big Finish. 2019. ‘World’s End’, Vortex, No 123, May, pp.10-13.

The ninth and final series of Big Finish’s Survivors audios is released in June 2019 and is available to pre-order in both download and CD formats, direct from the Big Finish web site.

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