Survivors series nine audios released tomorrow – preview the first fifteen minutes today

THE NINTH AND final series of the current run of full-cast Survivors audio dramas will be released by Big Finish tomorrow (25 June 2019).

The four episodes of series nine are available to pre-order in both download and CD formats, direct from the Big Finish web site.

The first fifteen minutes of opening episode “The Farm” (written by Jane Slavin) are included as a free “drama tease” preview in the latest episode of the Big Finish podcast (23 June 2019).

Reviews of each of the episode will be published on this site in the next couple of weeks, and the author of this site will publish a review of the series on the Cultbox site shortly.

Big Finish - Survivors - series nine - one day to go
One day to go… (published 24 June 2019)
Big Finish - Survivors - series nine - two days to go
Two days to go… (published 23 June 2019)
Big Finish - Survivors - series nine - three days to go
Three days to go… (published 22 June 2019)

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