Each episode of series nine of Big Finish’s Survivors audios reviewed

Big Finish - Survivors - series nine - cover
Big Finish - Survivors - series nine - cover

REVIEWS OF EACH of the four episodes of the final series of Big Finish’s full-cast Survivors audios have now been published on the S:AWA Big Finish mini-site.

The Farm (Jane Slavin)
Living under the rule of the Protectorate can be hard, even more so when your true purpose is hidden from you…

Hearts and Mines (Christopher Hatherall)
If the Federation can pull off an audacious sabotage mission, the Protectorate will suffer a major setback…

Fade Out (Roland Moore)
A Protectorate attack on a Federation group holed up in an abandoned cinema will have devastating consequences…

Conflict (Andrew Smith)
The showdown between the Protectorate and the Federation will settle the future direction of a country emerging from the shadow of the apocalypse…

Big Finish - Survivors - S9 - Ep 1 - recording

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