Big Finish podcast confirms more Survivors audios planned

IN TODAY’S ‘SURVIVORS Special’ Big Finish podcast (29 May 2022), executive producer Nicholas Briggs confirms that Survivors will be “carrying on” on audio. “There will be another series”, he says. “We had a gap for a while, and we brought it back with New Dawn, two boxsets of that.”

No further details of the forthcoming Survivors audios were revealed, but this news is confirmation that Big Finish’s Survivors audio range will be continuing, and in full-cast series format.

Together with co-presenter Benji Clifford (who provided music and sound design for several Survivors audio boxsets) Nick Briggs discusses the enduring appeal of Survivors, pays tribute to creator Terry Nation, and reflects on Survivors‘ journey on audio to date.

“Honestly, it’s one of my favourite things that we have done at Big Finish,” says Clifford. “It’s such a unique property.”

The podcast includes a short preview of Survivors: Crusade, the new Survivors audiobook written by Doris V Sutherland and voiced by Carolyn Seymour (Abby Grant), due for release this week.

The episode also revisits ‘Revelation‘, the first ever Big Finish Survivors story, written by Matt Fitton, and released as part of the first box set back in 2014.

The podcast closes with a fifteen minute drama tease of ‘Cabin Fever‘, the opening episode of Survivors third series on video – and Clifford’s personal favourite.

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