Review of audiobook Survivors: Crusade published

Survivors: Crusade audiobool cover

A REVIEW OF the new original Survivors audiobook Crusade has been published today on the Survivors: A World Away site.

Written by Doris V Sutherland and narrated by Carolyn Seymour (Abby Grant) Crusade is set at The Grange settlement during the timeline of the first TV series shortly after the tragedies of the episode Law and Order. Big Finish summarise the story as follows:

The Grange residents are grief-stricken after an out-of-control party lead to a wrongful execution. When strangers turn up to cause chaos, the community is tested to its limit.

The Survivors: A World Away review concludes as follows:

Seymour’s narration is, as everyone familiar with her work on audio would expect, exemplary – as perceptive and mellifluous as ever. Seymour is well known for her meticulous preparation ahead of studio sessions which, together with her evident talent and her love for the spoken word form, produce another stand-out performance.

Crusade succeeds as a very different Survivors’ audiobook experience to Nation’s rethought novelisation from 1976 and to 2021’s Ghosts and Demons. This astute, cautionary tale of the threat that distorted religious certainty can pose to the survivors of The Death is the kind of grown-up and probing storytelling for which the series’ setting is so conducive.

Survivors: Crusade is now available to own as a digital download for just £9.99, exclusively from the Big Finish website.

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