Vortex magazine previews New Dawn 4 audio release

Preview of Survivors - New Dawn 4 - Vortex #174

THE NEW EDITION of Big Finish’s Vortex magazine includes a preview of the upcoming Survivors audio boxset New Dawn 4.

The feature includes interview snippets with writer-director Ken Bentley, writer Matt Fitton, and series’ producer Emma Haigh.

It also reveals some new information about the characters who will appear in New Dawn 4 and some of the settings and scenarios that the three stories in the boxset will explore – so the article comes with a ‘mild spoilers’ advisory, for those who prefer to listen to the series with no advance knowledge.

The concluding boxset in the New Dawn series, Survivors: New Dawn 4, will be released next month (September 2023), and remains available for pre-order.

Vortex #174 is free to download from the Big Finish site.

Big Finish. 2023. ‘Dawn of An Era’. Vortex, Issue 174, August. pp. 14-16.

Vortex #174, Dawn of a New Era article image.

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