Big Finish podcast previews release of Survivors: New Dawn 4 audios

TODAY’S BIG FINISH podcast previews this week’s release of the Survivors: New Dawn 4 audio boxset, including a sneak peak of the set’s behind-the-scenes interviews and a free fifteen minute ‘drama tease’ of the opening episode “Albion”.

These latest Survivors audios offer “some of the best writing you’ll ever hear from Big Finish,” says co-host Nicholas Briggs, and feature “beautifully played” performances from Carolyn Seymour (Abby Grant) and Lucy Fleming (Jenny Richards).

“It’s brilliant, isn’t it?”, adds co-host Benji Clifford. “Survivors is fantastic. It’s real drama. It’s got some fantastic actors in it. It’s got some fantastic characters in it. It’s dark and grim but it really showcases the core elements of… the human condition.”

“The scripts are so honest and real,” adds Briggs. “Doing the music is quite an emotionally exhausting – but ultimately nourishing – experience.”

Guest on the podcast, Big Finish magazine Vortex editor Kenny Smith, praises “the sound design on it, the music on it”. He commends it as “a wonderfully dark listen… very cleverly done.”

“The team behind Survivors really get it,” says Clifford. “They just understand what it is that makes this such a special series… I’m so proud of being a part of Survivors and I’m so proud of the team.”

This fourth box set, which brings to a conclusion the New Dawn series, remains available for pre-order until the day of general release.

Big Finish Podcast. 2023. ‘Room Survivors’. 24 September.

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