Chase Masterson and Andrew French discuss Big Finish’s Survivors third series

In original interviews, recorded in the Big Finish studios earlier this year, Chase Masterson and Andrew French discuss their work on the third series of Survivors audio adventures from Big Finish. Says Masterson of the plight facing the character of Maddie Price:

one day in the future any of us could wake up and wish that we had back exactly the life we have today. And I think it’s a great lesson to take from the series: being grateful about what we have.

Andrew French says of the moral texture of the latest series of Survivors:

I think these stories are quite moral. If you were in this situation, what kind of leadership would you want? Would you want someone who would kill anybody else as long as you were safe? I think most people would probably say “yes”, in the final analysis. But what does that make you? I think that these are incredibly moral tales.

Chase Masterson - Big Finish - Survivors audio adventures - series three

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