Big Finish confirm current full-cast Survivors audios will conclude with series nine

Survivors series one box sets just waiting to be snapped up

BIG FINISH HAVE confirmed (17 December) that the current run of full-cast Survivors audios will conclude with the ninth boxset, scheduled for release in June 2019.

Series nine will deliver the finale of the story arc set in motion by the events of series eight and provide what producer David Richardson pledges will be “the perfect bookend to that very first TV episode, The Fourth Horseman.”

The episode titles and scriptwriter credits for series nine have also been confirmed, with four existing Survivors writers returning for the final stories. Jane Slavin pens episode one (“The Farm”); Christopher Hatherall writes episode two (“Hearts and Mines”); Roland Moore authors the third episode (“Fade Out”); while the opportunity to write the final episode of the nine series run (“Conflict”) is snapped up by Survivors stalwart Andrew Smith.

Richardson confirms that working on the Survivors audio range has been “one of the personal highlights” of his eleven years at Big Finish, and add – enticingly – that this endpoint “isn’t the end of the stories from the world of Survivors.”

Survivors: series finale

The ongoing series of Survivors will be drawing to a close and what an epic finale we’ve in store for you. Happily this isn’t the end of the stories from the world of Survivors, but the current ongoing narrative will be wrapped up in series nine of the current audio adventures – coming out in June 2019.

The Death may have not taken everyone, but the end is in sight for the Survivors… Big Finish can confirm today that the ongoing audio story following on from the television serie of Survivors wraps up with series nine. With Abby possibly meeting Peter in series eight, who knows what will happen next?

Four struggles for the survivors of the Death will be released in June 2019:

  • 9.1 – The Farm by Jane Slavin
  • 9.2 – Hearts and Mines by Christopher Hatherall
  • 9.3 – Fade Out by Roland Moore
  • 9.4 – Conflict by Andrew Smith

Producer David Richardson told us about the mammoth achievement of continuing the epic television show for nine series on audio: “Working on Survivors has been one of the personal highlights of my 11 years of Big Finish. We’ve had the opportunity to make 36 brand new full-cast episodes that have been dark, richly dramatic and bold.

“But all good things must come to an end and this box set brings this Survivors story arc to a conclusion – and what a finale it is. I think we have the perfect bookend to that very first TV episode, The Fourth Horseman, broadcast back in 1975.”

Big Finish - Survivors - S9 - Ep 1 - recording

Survivors series 9, episode 1 recording

Survivors Series Nine will be released in June 2019.

You can pre-order Survivors Series Nine and Survivors Series Eight (released tomorrow) each at £25 on CD or £20 on download. Or order pre-order them both in a bundle at £50 on CD or £40 on download.

David also told us what’s coming up in Survivors Series Eight in October’s edition of Vortex magazine: “Listeners may have noticed that in the last box set our final episode edged past the end of the 1970s TV series, with Abby Grant and Jenny Richards reunited. Our eighth box set – and also the ninth – will continue that move forward, with eight linked episodes that see the return of Peter Grant, and the rise of a new threat to the community.” You can read the full article in Vortex, here.

Survivors: series finale. 17 December 2018.

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