Episode reviews of series eight of Survivors audio adventures

INDIVIDUAL EPISODE REVIEWS of each of the four episodes of series eight of Big Finish’s Survivors audio adventures have been published on this site.

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One thought on “Episode reviews of series eight of Survivors audio adventures”

  1. I’ve not listened to this series yet but have bought and listened to all the previous audiodramas of Survivors from Big Finish. I have series 8 but as is my usual I am listening again to the previous series (Series 7) before listening to Series 8.

    If you’ve followed the news from Big Finish you will know that Series 9 will be the last they will produce. I understand that, although there is a ‘hard core’ of followers for Survivors there just isn’t the numbers to make it profitable, or even sustainable. I can fully understand their position but, having given some thought to this part way through listening to series 7 I would like to at least try and ‘rescue’ the series if AT ALL possible.

    Hopefully Carolyn and Lucy are still ‘up for it’ – I would also hope that Ian could be persuaded and that the ‘rumours’ of Greg’s death could be false and he actually returns – it’s all in the hands of Big Finish.

    My thoughts are

    1) increase the price, I would pay double in a heartbeat and I suspect many other hardcore fans would also, is that right? anyone care to comment??

    2) Since this may ‘put off’ casual listeners it may well be counter productive or at least not as beneficial as doubling the income .. so .. a ‘funding’ page from we hardcore Survivors fans. I would certainly support this and in a BIG way, there may be others of a similar mind, anyone care to comment?

    I’m massively grateful to Carolyn, Lucy and Ian for their contribution and of course to Big Finish. I know this was a labour of love for them as well as perhaps the actors, can we save it, even if only for another series or two?


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