Sequel to ‘Genesis of a Hero’ published

AUTHOR JOHN EYERS has just published Survivors: Salvation, a long-awaited sequel to his ‘cult classic’ novel Survivors: Genesis of a Hero.

Forty-five years have passed since the paperback and hardback edition were originally published. “I thought a follow-up was due,” says the author.

First published in 1977, Survivors: Genesis of a Hero was itself the sequel to Terry Nation’s original Survivors novel which had hit the bookshelves the previous year.

Eyers’ novel picked up Nation’s story just four hours on from its shocking conclusion – the fateful reunion of Abby Grant and her long-missing son Peter.

With the remainder of Abby’s group having arrived in France, following their sea-crossing, Eyers focused attention back on British shores. Genesis of a Hero tells the story of the now-orphaned Peter Grant’s rise through the ranks of the Wormley’s National Unity Force and his eventual emergence as a leader of the fiercely independent Welsh rebels The Red Dragons. This force destroys the army of Wormley’s successor, and secures the future of the Welsh clans – at least for now…

Survivors: Salvation continues the story of Peter Grant’s struggles against new threats to his rule, and to the society he’s now responsible for – and his growing anguish about his past actions.

Tortured by guilt for killing his mother, in post-pandemic Britain, Peter Grant is still and haunted by the fiery holocaust that he devised to ensure his victory at Llyn Edno.

He has found a passionate love with Branwen, the feisty warrior and clan leader of the Red Dragons.

But his family brings with it new challenges and responsibilities, and he struggles to make sense of his roles as war leader, father and husband in this fractured, conflicted world.

Spurred on by the deaths of his mentors, Chad and Daniel, Peter seeks to protect his people by forging a path to peace with the adversary he thought he had defeated five years before.

Just when it seems his hopes might be realised he finds himself facing an enemy he did not know existed, an enemy so pitiless, so numerous, that it could lay waste to friend and foe alike, an enemy of such horrendous proportions that for the first time Peter faces utter defeat.

This time he won’t be able to kill his way to victory.

As Britain plunges once more into chaos will a young woman with the Sight and her warrior sister be the Saviours, or is there yet another threat looming, just over the horizon?

‘John Eyers’ is the pen name of author Peter Hill, who also wrote the TV tie-in Special Branch: In At The Kill using the same pseudonym that was first published in 1976.

Peter has also published many works under his own name, including The Staunton and Wyndsor series, The Hunters, The Liars, The Enthusiast, and The Savages. He’s also authored the Commander Allan Dice books, The Fanatics and The Washermen.

“I have returned to novel writing after a career in TV drama,” Peter explains, “and published Killing Tomorrow, the first of a new series, Evolutions Path, as an ebook. I have recently published the second book in the series, The Ladies’ Game and started work on the third one. These are future fiction novels in the same genre as Genesis of a Hero.”

Survivors Salvation has been published in both paperback and Kindle formats (released on 11 March), and can be purchased by visiting Peter’s author page on Amazon.

Peter has also republished Survivors: Genesis of a Hero, which is now also available as a new paperback and as a Kindle title.

A review of Survivors: Salvation, and an interview with Peter Hill, will both be published on the Survivors: A World Away site in the coming weeks.

As Peter is producing his new works as an independent author, he is asking those who enjoy Survivors: Salvation to help promote the book by posting a review online.

“It would be great if you could spare a few minutes to post a review, which will help others when searching for books,” he says. Those producing books in this way “have to rely very much on word-of-mouth referrals like reviews to bring our books to the attention of readers,” he explains. “I’d really appreciate a few words.”

Peter Hill. 2021. Survivors: Salvation. ISBN: 9798598531433 – paperback (14 February); Kindle (11 March).

UPDATE 21 May 2021: Read an interview with Peter Hill and a detailed review of Survivors: Salvation on the main Survivors: A World Away site.

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