A Silver Archive study of Survivors third series’ classic Mad Dog

PUBLISHED THIS FEBRUARY, a new entry in the Obverse Books’ Silver Archive series turns the spotlight on the classic third series Survivors episode Mad Dog.

Written by the author of the Survivors: A World Away site, the book places this exemplarly series three adventure story in the context of its times and within the evolution of Survivors own narrative. It examines the resonance that the spectre of rabies had for TV audiences of the time, and explores the different themes and ideas that find expression in the script for Mad Dog and through its on-screen realisation.

‘Saliva only has to make contact with the skin. Rabies doesn’t even need a scratch. If it’s in the bloodstream, it’s too late.’

Mad Dog (1977) is a standout instalment of the third and final series of the BBC’s post-apocalyptic series Survivors. A touchstone in the series’ switch to a tougher, bleaker sensibility, the episode is rightly remembered for its portrayal of rabies and its gripping chase sequences. But it’s also a story offering fascinating insights into the wider human predicament, which dramatize the tension between optimism and cynicism and between altruism and self-interest. Above all, it’s a story that foregrounds the complex relationship between humanity and the natural world in a fictional post-pandemic Britain.

Published 17 February 2022.
Pages: 168
ISBN: 9781913456221
Author: Rich Cross

In an exclusive interview for the site, the author reveals the inspiration behind the book, describes the research and writing process, and outlines some of the new book’s key themes.

The Obverse Books’ Silver Archive entry Survivors: Mad Dog is available to pre-order ahead of its publication day from the Obverse Books site.

The illustration is a detail from the cover design by Cody Schell @kodiakschell

Rich Cross. 2022. Survivors: Mad Dog. Obverse Books (Silver Archive), ISBN: 9781913456221, pp.168. https://obversebooks.co.uk/product/sa07-survivors-mad-dog/

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