Big Finish release cover and trailer for New Dawn 2 boxset

Big Finish - Survivors - New Dawn 2 - cover

BIG FINISH HAVE revealed the cover design for the forthcoming Survivors audio boxset New Dawn 2, and released the first audio trailer.

The cover features the characters of Abby Grant (Carolyn Seymour) and Jenny Richards (Lucy Fleming) along with images of new protagonists that will join the second part of the New Dawn series. New Dawn 2 is comprised of three connected stories:

The world has ended. The pandemic crossed continents, sparing only a fraction of the global population. The survivors are now trying to pick up the pieces and rebuild society to create a new future. But with only a handful of towns and cities starting to rise from the ashes, and governance and law-making in a fragile, fledgling state, everyone must start over. And the worst of human nature has survived along with the best.

Abby Grant and Jenny Richards face a renewed fight for survival…

2.1 Bad Blood by Lizbeth Myles

Abby and Jenny are heading north when they’re thrown into the middle of a conflict between two rival factions. Learning someone has tried to assassinate the local Governor, is there anything they can do to prevent further violence and bloodshed?

2.2 When First We Practise to Deceive by Andrew Smith

Abby and Jenny reach the Zone controlled by Governor Dominic Crayle. He has serious questions to answer, but Crayle will go to any lengths to protect his secrets.

2.3 Last Stand by Roland Moore

In the overgrown remains of an abandoned city, a new friend helps Abby and Jenny make a last stand against a determined enemy.

Survivors: New Dawn 2 will be released later in February 2022 and is available for pre-order. Survivors: New Dawn 1 is also available in both CD and digital download formats. Both releases can also be ordered as part of a Big Finish bundle.

Survivors: Ghosts & Demons, a new audiobook set in the timeline of the original 1975 TV series, was released as a digital download in November 2021, and is available to purchase from the Big Finish site.

As Roland Moore, the writer of New Dawn 2‘s concluding episode “Last Stand”, observed today on Twitter in response to the New Dawn 2 teasers: “Fabulous cover – and a trailer hinting at a few shocks!”

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